Privacy Issues

by Renard Moreau

Many people are concerned about privacy where the internet is concerned. They worry about private data being stolen by hackers.

We can all try our best to prevent privacy violations by upgrading the antispware and antivirus software on our computers.

Despite having the best security-system installed on our computers, there would be that unguarded moment when we are vulnerable to those unscrupulous entities on the worldwide web. Unfortunately, antispyware and antivirus protection software are not one hundred percent perfect and our firewalls can be breached.

In regards to your wireless router, see to it that it is locked and not open to everyone in the neighbourhood. It wouldn’t hurt to change your router’s passcode on a regular basis.

It is an added bonus when you have a friend who is well-informed about technical matters; someone who is well-versed in computer science — someone who could provide you with valuable pointers on keeping your system secure.

We also need to do research on our own about technical matters. The hackers are highly ahead in their game, therefore we should make it our priority to keep abreast on latest methods of keeping our information from falling into the wrong hands.

It is not any easy task, but it is well worth the try!