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Month: June, 2011

My BlackBerry Is Unique

I am one of those people who loves to customize their ringtones and themes. I don’t use the default ringtones and themes; my BlackBerry smartphone must look and sound differently from the other BlackBerry Smartphones out there.

Whenever I am receiving an incoming call, I know that it is my phone without a doubt.

I even assigned specific tones for each of my email accounts and incoming messages; I can easily differentiate my Facebook tone from my Twitter tone, etcetera.

A friend of mine recently asked, “How come your phone talks and mines doesn’t?”

I replied, “That’s because, I have customized my phone.”

Now, I swear to God that I do not do this for the attention. It’s just that there a lot of people who leave their BlackBerry Smartphones on the default tones and when they receive an incoming message (A BlackBerry Messenger alert for example), those nearby with BlackBerry smartphones think that it is their phone receiving a message; they pull their phones out only to realize that it wasn’t their phone which had made the sound that they are so accustomed hearing.

The eager ones would usually ask, “Where did you get that?” And then I would recommend a website where they can find it and download it.

I believe that since it is your phone, you have ever right to customize it in any manner that pleases you!

The funny thing is: my BlackBerry doesn’t sound like a BlackBerry; people only know it’s a BlackBerry when I take it out to answer it and if I really wanted it to be a mystery, I could use a bluetooth headset (Which adds to the suspense).

Social Networks Are Powerful And Influential

Almost everyone is on a social network. As a matter of fact, there are major companies that have accounts established on both Twitter and Facebook; one can visit their links to learn more about their products.

In my opinion, you can reach the masses easier via a social network. It’s a place where people can share their ideas with the world.

I like the BlackBerry page on Facebook; it lets me know what Research In Motion Limited is planning and provides me with further insight into their handsets and tablet pc.

Even the DJs have their pages. BBC Radio 1’s presenter, Annie Mac lets her fans know what she is up to and the location of her parties, the time and date that she would be playing for her happy crowd.

Canadian radio presenter and DJ, Joel North, keeps his listeners abreast with the latest dance music on his program “Dancewaves.” People can vote for their favourite songs by using both the Facebook and Twitter platforms.

The authors are apart of the social networking system as well.

Neale Donald Walsch shares his wisdom with his readers and the readers in turn comment on his status; it’s quite nice.

Social networks are fun and informative at the same time; I have no intentions of taking them for granted and neither should you!


During the years, I have accumulated a lot of books; some I bought; others were given to me as gifts.

People LOVE to borrow books; I have no problem with that. However, there were quite a number of them that were never returned. A friend lent it to a friend who passed it on to another friend and that friend decided to circulate it among their group of friends; resulting in the book never being seen again by me (On the bright side, I already read the book and I hope that the new owner found the satisfaction from it like I did).

In the past, I had a friend who would lend me a book which he borrowed. His words were, “You have three days to read this book.” I would read the book within the allotted time-period or sooner and return it to him.

I am most happy whenever I visit a bookstore (I am like a kid in the candy-store). I would visit the aisles where the books from my favourite authors were located and most of the time I would happily purchase a few.

Beside the tangible books that we are all accustomed to, I have an ebook collection as well.

Books, I believe, will always be a part of our lives.

Animal Cruelty Is Wrong

It would be really nice if animal cruelty was non-existent.

Some farms and all meat processing plants are the biggest offenders.

My friend Lindsey suggested that these meat processing plants should be equipped with closed circuit television — a great idea.

I once viewed a short documentary on the internet about the manner in which some farm animals were treated and it was rather horrifying to watch.

Atrocities such as debeaking birds and murdering male chicks was just the figurative icing on the cake; there are too many unjust details to mention (Actually a whole book could be written about it).

The manner in which some people treat their pets are very disturbing come to think of it.

How could some people move out of their neighbourhoods and leave their dogs behind?

Some dogs had to be rescued by the authorities because they were tethered to a chain and left to starve. What kind of person does these sort of crimes? A sick one probably.

Then there are the hunters who shoot ducks and geese out into the wild as a sport; this can never be right!

Cruelty of all animals need to stop!

Thank God for all the vegan websites (They provide one with a greater understanding and suggests that we all do our part to end animal abuse and exploitation).

The Internet Is Amazing

May God bless the person or persons who are responsible for the invention of the internet and to all those who are responsible for the manner in which it has evolved.

There is something for everyone on the internet.

I LOVE the idea that I could visit a website and read ebooks free of charge; this is wonderful.

Another thing I am pleased about is: I can listen to my favourite music stations on the internet (Gone are the days when I had to rely solely on FM radio).

I was even privileged to encounter unlock codes for a few of my cellular phones in the past.

A few months ago, I even learned to change the trackpad on my BlackBerry smartphone via a tutorial that I saw on (It’s rather amazing when you think of it).

I LOVE browsing social networks too.

I am also fond of browsing through vegan websites; which I find educational as well as entertaining.

In my opinion, the internet should be used wisely and not abused. It can be both an asset or a liability; it is up to the user to use it for their benefit instead of their downfall.

I LOVE the internet and I will continue to use it for uplifting purposes; hey, as a matter of fact, we all can.


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