There Is Really No Need To Speak To Children In A Haughty Manner

by Renard Moreau

It is a little unsettling to know that in the twenty-first century there are still people who treat children poorly. It’s as though some of the adults are the masters and some of the children are the servants.

One of the things that I am not too pleased about is: the manner in which some adults speak to their children. On many occasions, I have heard a parent or a grown-up relative speaking harshly at a child; which I believe is unnecessary and equally disrespectful. Just because a person has seniority where age is concerned, still doesn’t justify their behaviour towards the child.

I often ask myself, “What is wrong with this picture?” And, “Are these adults conscious of their behavioural patterns when they are committing atrocities against these children?”

There are even schoolteachers in the educational system that sound like army drill-sergeants whenever they speak to their students in the classroom.

I am of the opinion that you can speak to a child in a loving and gentle manner and still maintain discipline in the household and at school.

We are all aware that children learn from example; and what kind of examples are these adults setting to begin with?

Who said that it was a rule to speak down to a child? The truth is: no rule like that exists! I think that the problem stems from some adults believing that they are superior to the children in their care.

In the near future, I am hoping that some kind-hearted psychologist decides to create a program consisting of re-educating adults who fall short ethically, in the method of speaking and treating children in a humane manner.

I also believe that the young starseeds are fully aware of the problem and that some of them would be most instrumental in the creation of positive changes.