Society’s Hunger For Truth

by Renard Moreau

At an early age, we were indoctrinated into watching newscasts on our television-sets with our family. We sat there eagerly in our livingrooms waiting for more; this unfortunately, was a way of life for most families.

Although this sort of thing still happens to a large degree, there are a lot of people who are becoming aware; it’s as though they have awoken from a deep slumber.

Can a person really accept newscasts as being truthful and unbiased? Most people would answer a blatant, “No,” without any sort of hesitation on their part.

A large number of people on the planet believe that all the major news networks are controlled by powerful people; a group of individuals who would like to keep the general public in the dark; these people keep the real issues hidden in plain sight by entertaining us with well-orchestrated distractions.

In an effort to find the truth, many people have abandoned the old-fashioned method of acquiring their news. They now seek the information that they want via alternative news-sites on the internet. I have even asked myself, “Could these alternative news-sites be trusted?”

I have done my fair share of surfing on these alternative news-sites. The things that I found there were things that the average media would have nothing to do with.

There is an old saying: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” In some instances, people who came across the truth found it rather mind-boggling.

Then there are others who have chosen to rely on spiritual methods such as deciphering dreams, visions and channelling to find the truth.

In reality, we are all connected to the Universal Mind and all the truth is contained in it.

One thing I am sure of is: once you are eager to find the truth, it will be found!