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Month: May, 2011

There Is Really No Need To Speak To Children In A Haughty Manner

It is a little unsettling to know that in the twenty-first century there are still people who treat children poorly. It’s as though some of the adults are the masters and some of the children are the servants.

One of the things that I am not too pleased about is: the manner in which some adults speak to their children. On many occasions, I have heard a parent or a grown-up relative speaking harshly at a child; which I believe is unnecessary and equally disrespectful. Just because a person has seniority where age is concerned, still doesn’t justify their behaviour towards the child.

I often ask myself, “What is wrong with this picture?” And, “Are these adults conscious of their behavioural patterns when they are committing atrocities against these children?”

There are even schoolteachers in the educational system that sound like army drill-sergeants whenever they speak to their students in the classroom.

I am of the opinion that you can speak to a child in a loving and gentle manner and still maintain discipline in the household and at school.

We are all aware that children learn from example; and what kind of examples are these adults setting to begin with?

Who said that it was a rule to speak down to a child? The truth is: no rule like that exists! I think that the problem stems from some adults believing that they are superior to the children in their care.

In the near future, I am hoping that some kind-hearted psychologist decides to create a program consisting of re-educating adults who fall short ethically, in the method of speaking and treating children in a humane manner.

I also believe that the young starseeds are fully aware of the problem and that some of them would be most instrumental in the creation of positive changes.

Absent Without Leave

I awoke early in the morning. I didn’t feel like my usual self, so I went back to sleep.

A few hours after, I awoke feeling somewhat exhausted. I jumped out of my bed anyway and began preparing myself for my daily activities.

As always, I was way ahead where time was concerned; I had the upper hand at attending my meeting on time and luckily for me, the tiredness had subsided.

It was raining whole morning (my kind of weather); situations such as this doesn’t prevent me from being punctual. Suddenly, I had a change of heart. I no longer had the desire to go to work. Despite being early, I watched the time on the clock pass by hoping that I might feel differently about the situation; it didn’t happen, I was still not in the mood to attend work. It was a feeling akin to dread.

From experience, whenever I went against the feeling of not wanting to be at a certain place and I showed up, I encountered the reason why I shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If you give some serious thought to the scenario which I have presented, you would realize that we have all been through this situation in one form or the other.

My mother always said this statement to me in my formative years: “Prevention is better than cure.” I believe that the Universe was doing its part in preventing me from facing a calamitous outcome by sending me signals in advance.

Many of us were not encouraged or trained to listen to our inner feeling. Instead, we were trained to rely on logic and anything that was outside of the category of logic was considered illogical or plain fantasy.

I have chosen to play it safe by paying close attention to how I feel and I am sure that many people around the world are doing the same.

On the bright side of things, management was informed of my absence; they said that I would be given an update of the things that transpired at the meeting. Sounds like a “win-win” situation to me.

Making Your Talent Work For You

We all have something that we are quite gifted at; something that we do with great ease.

For example, some of you may be good at using your voice in the areas of narrating or singing.

Others may be good at dancing, writing or playing a musical instrument.

There are many other things that people are talented at which are way too numerous to mention.

The point is: have you made the effort to utilize your talent in a wise manner?

On a positive note, some people have used their talents to bring themselves additional income; I see nothing wrong in this.

There are many Talent Scouts out there who are searching high and low for the next big star.

You might be at a club one night, singing happily away on the microphone in a karaoke fashion. After your spectacular performance, a man or woman may walk up to you and say, “By the way, you really have a nice voice. Have you ever thought about doing this professionally?” They then introduce theirself formally, shake your hand and give you one of their fancy-looking calling cards and before departing they say, “Call me if you are ever interested.”

You need to put yourselves into positions to get noticed. For example, you could be an onstage participant at one of your local variety shows.

I believe that good talent should never go unnoticed. One method is to have your demo tape along with your contact number readily available to those who might be interested in what you have to offer.

In this modern age of ours, you could even upload a video of your specific talent on; where it will be viewed by millions of people around the planet; which could be a start to greater things to come!

Success may not come overnight. However, you need to make some steps towards your goal.

Never be discouraged or lose your enthusiasm and remember the saying: “With God all things are possible!”

Never Allow Greed To Become An Option

To engage in greed is to participate in an erroneous mindset; for this is a form of ignorance; a low vibratory way of thinking and living.

A greedy person usually believes that people are out to get his share of the figurative pie which he perceives to be minuscule. He may even go as far as to amass his wealth by stealing from others.

The problem stems from a belief in lack; the belief that there is never really enough to go around.

The truth is: there is no need for any of us to engage in this kind of negativity.

All the great manifesters on the planet agree that we live in a world of abundance and that there is more than enough for everybody.

A strong belief in abundance usually helps, because our subconscious mind accepts the idea once it is wholeheartedly entertained by the conscious mind.

The daily usage of affirmations can assist one greatly in the direction of abundance once it is believed by the individual. An example of an affirmation pertaining to abundance would be: “I live in an abundant Universe. I always have everything I need.” Or, “I am blessed with abundance. I am so wealthy that I have more than enough to give away to the people in the world.” You are free to create your own affirmations; the main idea is to believe in them.

Visualization helps as well. In your mind’s eye, visualize the abundance that you would like to have; picture it in every detail; the environment you wish to live in; the house; clothing you wish to wear and the kind of car that you would like to drive.

Some of you may even laugh and say, “This is way too easy!” Now, who says that living abundantly was meant to be hard? Unfortunately, there are millions of people who believe that they have to work arduously until they could no longer move a muscle, so that they can enjoy the benefits of their labour.

There is an old saying and it’s true too: what you visualize will materialize.

One other important factor to remember is: act on your hunches. You may be guided by your intuition to perform a certain task; it is important that you do so, because it knows how to lead you to abundance in the best manner possible.

Now, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try, would it?

My whole purpose of bringing these suggestions forward is to encourage you into believing abundance instead of lack, because I know that the belief in lack is one of the main causes of some of the problems we face in the world today.

The nice part is: there are many books and videos around today that deals with the topic of abundance; these can assist one tremendously in strengthening their belief in abundance.

Society’s Hunger For Truth

At an early age, we were indoctrinated into watching newscasts on our television-sets with our family. We sat there eagerly in our livingrooms waiting for more; this unfortunately, was a way of life for most families.

Although this sort of thing still happens to a large degree, there are a lot of people who are becoming aware; it’s as though they have awoken from a deep slumber.

Can a person really accept newscasts as being truthful and unbiased? Most people would answer a blatant, “No,” without any sort of hesitation on their part.

A large number of people on the planet believe that all the major news networks are controlled by powerful people; a group of individuals who would like to keep the general public in the dark; these people keep the real issues hidden in plain sight by entertaining us with well-orchestrated distractions.

In an effort to find the truth, many people have abandoned the old-fashioned method of acquiring their news. They now seek the information that they want via alternative news-sites on the internet. I have even asked myself, “Could these alternative news-sites be trusted?”

I have done my fair share of surfing on these alternative news-sites. The things that I found there were things that the average media would have nothing to do with.

There is an old saying: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” In some instances, people who came across the truth found it rather mind-boggling.

Then there are others who have chosen to rely on spiritual methods such as deciphering dreams, visions and channelling to find the truth.

In reality, we are all connected to the Universal Mind and all the truth is contained in it.

One thing I am sure of is: once you are eager to find the truth, it will be found!


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