by Renard Moreau

Happiness is a state of mind where we feel love, contentment and joy.

How many of us are truly happy? The answer may vary depending on your lifestyle and country.

(I will continue without sounding like a psychiatrist or psychologist. So here is my best effort.)

Many experts will agree that when we are happy we have the potential to live healthier lives.

It is no secret that when we are in a good mood our body produces lots of endorphins. They make us feel good and help in pain reduction.

A good mood contributes to a healthier immune system too!

Happiness is important.

Do you know that when you are stressed, you can acquire all sorts of diseases? Who wants to be sick anyway?

To be on the safe side, make it your priority to be happy.

We all know what makes us happy. Follow your intuition and pay close attention to it. Be true to yourself. What makes us happy is unique to us. It differs from person to person.