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The Stargate Keepers, The Halls of Amenti and the Thirteenth Crystal Skull

I Dreamt Of A Huge Spider

English: Identifying characteristics of the cl...

English: Identifying characteristics of the class Arachnida (whose members include spiders, ticks and mites): 4 pairs of legs cephalothorax abdomen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Expect And Accept – The Living Is Easy By Brenda Hoffman

Brenda HoffmanDear Ones,

Perhaps new earth appears to be a magical tale with little or no reality. Such would be logical given the eons of earth fear you have lived through. You were trained to think the worst – even in the best of times.

Many of you are berating yourselves for not creating more rapidly or other negative self talk – as if you wish to remain in fear. Do not fret so. Do not stress yourself so. Allow yourself to be.

As you berate yourself for being less than, you are judging yourself in 3D fashion. How do you stop the phrases within your being that you are not good enough, wise enough or strong enough to move into new earth?

You are of new earth. Your quandary, your fears are a bit like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – searching for the wizard to help her return home, only to discover she had that ability all along.

Perhaps that thought makes you angry. Have you not channeled, meditated, requested, begged for whatever your dream is to no avail? All 3D techniques.

You have done all you need to do to create your dream. You thought of it – in fact, think of it almost daily – now just expect it when it is right for you.

Once you exit your cocoon, you push the ‘easy’ button. You need not do anything more than what you already have. Live your life knowing that all is well and your dream is on its way.

Please understand though that this first physical dream will be the most challenging for you to create. Not because it is difficult, but because you have yet to set the belief pattern within your being that all is well in your life and it will become even better.

Most of you who exited your cocoon believe that creation is possible – just not for you now. It is a major hurdle for you to jump over before you fully accept that creation is almost an elementary part of your new skill set. “Prove it to me and for me” continues to be your mantra even though you wish to create with all your heart. So let it go. Let it be. Do not push. Do not berate yourself. Just be.

Such is almost impossible for most of you. Not because you do not wish to let it be, but that you cannot yet imagine life can be that easy – and yes, joyful.

Is not your first instinct when thinking of your physical dream, to imagine that somehow you are not qualified, competent or capable of creating? All personal judgments based on your eons of 3D lives, instead of your current reality.

You believe you can ‘push’ your creation through somehow. And if such does not occur, you are doing something wrong. You are in the wrong place, with the wrong person, using the wrong technique. All thoughts that tell you that you are a bad person. And all thoughts directed by fear.

Your only piece now is to expect and accept – which is extremely difficult for most. Not because you have attempted such before, but because you have never attempted such before on earth in this lifetime or any other.

This is a new lesson with a new learning curve. Instead of cramming for an exam out of fear of failure, it is time to let go and play in the sunshine knowing full well that your physical reality is on its way in the time right for you. You have dreamed it – and therefore created it. No work or fear is required – or productive.

Fear of failure is counterproductive.

For this is new earth, with new guidelines. Foremost of which is easy and fun. Exactly opposite of your 3D world.

Relax into joy and creation and all will occur as you wish – when you wish. Push yourself to create that which you have dreamed in whatever fashion and you will delay your dream.

Just as you once learned that you must be prepared for tests in your 3D schools, you must now learn that preparation and the resulting fear are counterproductive.

Let it be. And it will happen. Push and create fear around that element from berating yourself to blaming the Universes – and you will wait a very long time for your creation for you have reverted to the slow, old-fashioned 3D creation.

Now you are thinking you are merely delaying the inevitable – you will dream and create nothing. Another fear piece that has little to do with your new world and life. You have exited your cocoon. You are no longer surrounded by 3D limitations. But first, you must acknowledge that to yourself – and live as such.

You are no longer hiding your skills or joy. A big piece for most of you. Not because you are limited in skills, but in self-vision.

Come out from under your 3D fear rock and enjoy the laziness of a beautiful sunny afternoon. You are fully capable of doing so. You just need to convince yourself that no ‘boogeyman’ of fear exits. Enjoy the sunshine with your new earth family. The living is easy. So be it. Amen.

I Love Fedde Le Grand’s Twisted!

Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand

Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Abraham Hicks- Do You Need More Pain For Motivation…?

How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

Just Pondering Part 809

jack_row_yellow_gold_and_sapphire_pen_2qkgb.jpgWithout a doubt, there are those of us who really need to control our anger and when we proverbially explode, our negative emotion is unleashed on a person who is not deserving of it.

Recently, I saw a gentleman taking his anger out on a customer service representative (And, I felt sorry for the lady because she didn’t deserve to be shouted at by the angry man in front of her).

The man was obviously displeased with the company’s policy and spoke angrily to the woman about it; being a good customer service representative, she listened to all he had to say.

The supervisor was close by; she immediately intervened when she heard the man shouting at one of her staff-members and tried her best to calm him down; unfortunately, he didn’t wish to be calmed down and took out his anger on her too.

Although the man didn’t like the company’s policy, he treated those two women as though they were the creators of the policy; when in reality, the decision to implement such policy came from higher up the managerial ladder.

From my perspective, it is unfair that those at the bottom take the proverbial heat for those higher up (And, their bosses don’t even bother to intervene, unless some form of violence is involved).

I hereby solute all of the customer service representatives who didn’t reciprocate the unpleasant behaviour that they received from dissatisfied customers.

I would also like to add that costumer service representatives shouldn’t have the cause to undergo such negative treatment from a dissatisfied customer and in cases where things are getting out of hand the shift supervisor should get a senior manager to intervene (And, probably see what it is like to face the brunt of angry customers).

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