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Sesame Street: Kermit and News With Rumplestiltskin

Incarnational Energy Matrix – Creating The Grid Of Light (13th Baktun, True Occult Reality)

Magenta PixieHere is more from, Magenta Pixie: Incarnational Energy Matrix – Creating The Grid Of Light (13th Baktun, True Occult Reality)

Just Pondering Part 412

M. PenBelieve it or not, there are those who live outside of the system; they do not own a birth certificate, they do not have an identification card, they do not have a bank account of their own, they do not own a computer and they do not own a cell phone.

You may think that such people only exist in so-called primitive cultures or remote tribes in the desert or forested areas in other parts of the world. But, there are some people who are living outside of the system that reside in well-developed countries like the United States, Great Britain and Canada, to name a few. It is hard to comprehend that such a thing is really taking place in the 21st century.

But, why would people choose to live like that? I could only speculate the reasons why a person would choose to do such a thing. Maybe, they have made the conscientious decision to remain undetected and for some unknown reason, they prefer to be ghosts within our modern-day society.

Is Akismet Sleeping On The Job?

AkismetFor the past few days, I have noticed that a lot of spam slipped through the spam filter.

Is spam getting more innovative? Or, does Akismet need updating?

Many of us agree that spam is annoying (And WordPress is aware of our concerns. Maybe, the WordPress engineers need to send a memo to the Akismet engineers, letting them know that their spam filter isn’t working the way it used to).

Have you noticed the same thing? Or, am I the only one who is experiencing this strange ordeal?

A Very Wise Quote From Paulo Coelho

Paulo CoelhoThere is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. — Paulo Coelho

Just Pondering Part 383

Another-Nice-Pen.jpgThese days, it is very easy for a person to get themselves into trouble. All they have to do is, simply say something that another person is not in agreement with.

If we were to examine the mindset of human beings, we would immediately know that people don’t think 100% alike; we may have similar interest in certain areas, but we have different interests and beliefs when it comes to certain things. For example: Richard and Darryl have been childhood friends; they like the same sports teams, but their taste in Literature is different. Richard likes Emily Dickinson and Darryl is fond of Pablo Neruda. The two are always having fierce debates in regards to who is the better poet.

I have seen with my own eyes the way some people treat those who have different political and religious views than them; they would look at those people as though they are insane or stupid. Some have even taken it to another level by inflicting violence on those people who adhere to different viewpoints.

The reality is: people will always have views that differ from our own. But, the problem starts when some of us makes a personal decision to start a war against all those with opposing beliefs.

John Dahlback – Bon Bon [Full Length] 2009

DefectedGroovy! You can check it out here: John Dahlback – Bon Bon [Full Length] 2009

Eckhart Tolle — Opinions Of Others Is A Self Jugdement

Eckhart TolleHere is the video for this wonderful and insightful topic: Eckhart Tolle — Opinions Of Others Is A Self Jugdement

I Never Told The Buried Gold By Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

I never told the buried gold
Upon the hill — that lies –
I saw the sun — his plunder done
Crouch low to guard his prize.

He stood as near
As stood you here –
A pace had been between –
Did but a snake bisect the brake
My life had forfeit been.

That was a wondrous booty –
I hope ’twas honest gained.
Those were the fairest ingots
That ever kissed the spade!

Whether to keep the secret –
Whether to reveal –
Whether as I ponder
Kidd will sudden sail –

Could a shrewd advise me
We might e’en divide –
Should a shrewd betray me –
Atropos decide!

Afrojack Ft Chris Brown – As your Friend

Album CoverThis is one hot track; here is the link for it: Afrojack Ft Chris Brown – As your Friend