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Just Pondering Part 605

Dell laptop keyboard

Dell laptop keyboard (Photo credit: bigpresh)

No matter the steps of precaution that we take, we would occasionally lose posts that we worked on (This happens on rare occasions and it leaves me baffled, figuring out  what went wrong).

I guess that is the downside of technology; it gives us those negative surprises that sends us to create a whole new post from scratch.

Besides, I know for a fact that technology is not perfect.

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Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures — Lost Elephant

The Social Network Issue

Social Network IconsAlmost everyone on the planet heard about PRISMNSA’s super-spy program.

Now, since you’ve heard about the spying scandal in regards to our social networks, do you feel differently about social networks; I bet you do!

Since the controversy, many people thought about deleting their Facebook and Google Plus accounts, to name a few (Actually, there were some who did just that).

In my case, I have no intentions of deleting my Twitter account and I don’t want to separate myself from the people on Facebook.

In the meantime, we can limit the information that we post of ourselves (or post no information of ourselves) on the social networks that we are a part of.

If you have been doing a wonderful service of enlightening people via your posts, it would be unfair to delete those social networks that you have been spreading your messages of Light on.

In reality, we don’t need social networks; it is just a choice that we have made on our behalf to utilize them for the betterment of mankind.

However, the real issue is: the violation of the user’s privacy.

The choice is always ours to delete those social network accounts of ours. But, I have a strong feeling that the intelligence agencies can still acquire information about us, with or without, the use of social networks.

As If The Sea Should Part By Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson

As if the Sea should part
And show a further Sea—
And that—a further—and the Three
But a presumption be—

Of Periods of Seas—
Unvisited of Shores—
Themselves the Verge of Seas to be—
Eternity—is Those—

Apologetic Postscript Of A Year Later By Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

IF you see this song, my dear,
And last year’s toast,
I’m confoundedly in fear
You’ll be serious and severe
About the boast.

Blame not that I sought such aid
To cure regret.
I was then so lowly laid
I used all the Gasconnade
That I could get.

Being snubbed is somewhat smart,
Believe, my sweet;
And I needed all my art
To restore my broken heart
To its conceit.

Come and smile, dear, and forget
I boasted so,
I apologise – regret -
It was all a jest; – and – yet -
I do not know.

Beware: It Is Possible To Land Yourself Into Trouble By Posting Certain Things On Facebook

israelie-women-soldiersApparently, a group of female Israeli recruits uploaded some pictures of themselves on Facebook; those pictures were believed by their superiors to be unbecoming.

Those female soldiers were clad only in their underwear and combat fatigues.

The Israeli military is making a big issue out of this.

So far, no details of their punishment was given. However, military officials have stated that the base conducted educational lectures; its purpose was to keep soldiers from repeating such offences.

Is Akismet Sleeping On The Job?

AkismetFor the past few days, I have noticed that a lot of spam slipped through the spam filter.

Is spam getting more innovative? Or, does Akismet need updating?

Many of us agree that spam is annoying (And WordPress is aware of our concerns. Maybe, the WordPress engineers need to send a memo to the Akismet engineers, letting them know that their spam filter isn’t working the way it used to).

Have you noticed the same thing? Or, am I the only one who is experiencing this strange ordeal?

Just Pondering Part 409

WordPressWould you recommend WordPress to a friend that is interested in creating their own blog? I know that I would!

For starters, WordPress is the number one blog site on the planet. It is community oriented and it is a wonderful place to blog.

I would also recommend some blogs on WordPress for them to visit — the kind that would motivate them and keep them inspired.

I know for a fact that once they are bitten by the WordPress bug, they are going to have a very high level of fun that they never thought was possible.

How a voice from a North Korean gulag affected human rights discourse By Madison Park

cnnHere is some breaking news from, CNN: How a voice from a North Korean gulag affected human rights discourse By Madison Park

Just Pondering Part 402

Desktop-Computer-D4300-.jpgIn the past, I used to pay regular visits to a lady’s blog; it was positive in nature; it started as a simple WordPress sub-domain and it was upgraded to a dot net (.net).

Unfortunately, her blog didn’t last long; it lasted only for a few months.

Many times, I wondered why such a great blog like hers didn’t attract much attention (Unfortunately, I never had an email address for her, because I would have inquired about the deletion of her blog).

I believe that a lot of people would have done the same thing that she did (And of course, there would be a large group of people who would stick with it, because they LOVE blogging and it wouldn’t matter one bit if they had zero followers).

The lady had few followers and two comments per article for the most. There were times when I was the only one who pressed, “Like” and the only one who commented on her article.

She probably thought that her blog was an absolute failure and that she had wasted her time and energy blogging.

Now, if a person’s blog touched the lives of a handful of people, how could that be a failure? I would deem it a success.

I have noticed that a lot of the newcomers (and a lot of the older heads too), do not think about utilizing the power of the social media to promote their blog (By the way, there are a few successful bloggers who don’t use the social media to promote their blog; but their blog was shared by their followers on the followers’ social media; this proves that by sharing the blog via those social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest to name a few, the blog acquired a certain level of success).

A person can even go a step further by creating a Facebook page for their blog (In my case, I didn’t create a Facebook page for my blog, because I decided that I would share my blog on my regular Facebook profile-page).

I believe that the lady could have experimented with various methods of promoting her blog with the aid of Networked Blogs and those similar to it (It’s as though she gave up without a fight).

Another thing to place into consideration is: what are some people’s motive for blogging? Are they doing it to be famous? Or, are they doing it for the sheer fun of it? Or, are they doing it to make money? There are those who blog to make extra money by utilizing AdSense, etcetera.

Well, I didn’t see any ads on the lady’s blog. So, I don’t think that acquiring cash via her blog was the motive for her blogging.

Nobody said that blogging would be an easy task. There are countless blogs out there in the blogosphere and yours is like a proverbial grain of sand on a vast beach. A blogger would have to provide their viewers with something unique and intriguing in order to capture their attention and the best way of doing that is to be, You!