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Would You Buy A Computer Just For Blogging?

Photo credit: osde8info via photopin cc

Photo credit: osde8info via photopin cc

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A Fabulous House Track From Oliver $ & Jimi Jules

Photo credit: Ultra Music

Photo credit: Ultra Music

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30 Bananas a day diet on the Doctor’s show!

Picking Topics Out Of A Hat

Felt beige cowboy hat on a white background

Felt beige cowboy hat on a white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I Have Been Spreading The Good News Of WordPress

wordpress.jpgI will admit that I have been having lots of fun on Blogger these days (And, even though that is the case, I do let my friends on Blogger know that I love WordPress).

One of my fellow bloggers on Blogger was so intrigued by what I wrote about WordPress that she decided to start a WordPress blog of her own (I was utterly pleased when I found out and I promised her that I would support her on WordPress).

Now, most of my friends that blog on WordPress, have the WordPress-Hosted blog; the one with the WordPress.com at the end of their URL (the free version) and of course I have a small percentage of friends who upgraded their blog to a dot com (.com); the premium version of WordPress.

However, this lovely lady decided to go the self-hosted way; she paid for the services on one of those web hosting sites and uploaded the WordPress software.

In one of my articles, she was inspired about the part where I mentioned that it is way easier to acquire a readership on WordPress than on Blogger, because of the WordPress Reader; a place where those on WordPress can locate topics that interest them.

What I am not sure about is if those bloggers on the self-hosted version of WordPress have access to the WordPress Reader. And, here is the million dollar question: “Do self-hosted blogs show up on the WordPress Reader?”

If those self-hosted blogs do not appear on the WordPress Reader, there is the high chance of her blog turning out to be a virtual ghost-town.

Recently, she had a technical hiccup on her self-hosted site; one where all of her comments got deleted (Ouch, that is a harsh one).

The bad part about being self-hosted is that the blogger is responsible for every technical aspect of their blog; including the security and if they don’t update it, hackers can easily take control of their blog. I only recommend the self-hosted blog to those who are tech-savvy and know exactly what they are doing (And, if they don’t know what they are doing, they can run into all sorts of technical difficulties).

One the bright side, she has ultimate freedom to add all sorts of plugins and also the freedom to personalise her blog to her heart’s desire.

But, when technical issues arise, there would be no Happy Engineers to lend a helping hand; she is all on her own.

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