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Heavenletter #4987 Life Is A Story-Teller By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffTo each his own on one level makes sense. Individuality exists. Individuality abounds. It is perceived in the world of perception. You couldn’t dream up all the amazing differences between people. No two are alike. Twins share similarities, and they also are emblazoned in uniqueness. From this individuality arise all the stories in life, the comedies and so-called tragedies. I say so-called tragedies so you will take a balanced eye in your view of life on Earth. I don’t want you to think of life on Earth as a battering ram. Life is not out to get you. There are no multifarious designs on you in your life on Earth. Life is not a vulture. Ah, but, yes, life is a story-teller.

Amidst all the perceived individuality lies the Unity, the Brotherhood of Everyone, the Oneness. It could perhaps be called the blank slate, or We could call it the Great Sun, the Great Light, the One Great Light that shines on All and shines from All, from that One Wonderful Place that is not a Place and where there is no ownership and no such thing as each to his own. We could call this inaccurately, if We choose, the Melting Pot, and yet it is more like a Rising Pot. It is the Highest Dimension. It is the Basic Dimension, yet it can hardly be called a dimension. It is a foundation. It is the Well-Spring. It is the Truth Unveiled. It is the One Reality. It is like a still photo of Paradise beyond or before habitation, no matter by what name it may be called.

It is the Hall of Silence. It is the Foundation of the World, and yet it is Above the World. It can hardly be described. It is the seed. We could say it is the seed within the seed within the seed. It is the Wholeness and the Nothingness. It is the Oneness which cannot be extricated and set apart. You cannot look at it. You cannot be at a distance from it. You are not even a you who can discuss it, for Who is outside this Oneness? No one. Who is there to tell about it, and Who is there to ask about it? There is no one, only Oneness of Everythingness before Everythingness is born.

You do understand that I have no form. You have always gathered that. Nor am I exactly a void. I am not a cipher, yet I am Oneness, and so are you, and yet there is no you, only Oneness.

None of this can easily be swallowed in the extant world. How could it be in the extant world where the five senses rule and diagrams can be drawn? Even as you are created in My Image, I am beyond Image. Even so, you know what I mean or close to it. You are not your mere body. This is not to take your form down a peg or two, because in the physical world, the human form is also beautiful, far more beautiful than you can perceive yet beautiful just the same. Human perception is also more beautiful than perceived. It is a wondrous thing, yet it is not fully perceived within the eyes of the world.

You can only guess at the Heights You Attain. You can desire. You can wish. You can love, yet, of course, there is no putting your finger on love or anything because the Heights have no dimensions. The Heights are where measurements do not exist but ARE. The Heights are where Love Is, and that’s the whole story.

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Heavenletter #4986 A Wild Rose By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffGive Me your burdens. Hand them over. Do you really want them? My shoulders are broad. Burdens of yours weigh nothing with Me. And that is what burdens are worth — nothing. Indeed, they may lie heavily on you, yet they do not weigh Me down. Burdens are burdens only by virtue of your perception. They are nothing at all. Your perception is mis-aligned, regardless of what the world declares. Burdens are not desirable. They are not a status symbol. Hand your burdens to Me, and I put them in the burden-washer. Your burdens come out squeaky-clean.

Predominantly, your burdens are sense of loss, present, past, or future. Better to develop a sense of love. Of course, love is no burden at all. The sense of love I speak of is a neutral kind of love, one that witnesses yet doesn’t absorb, a kind of love that sails across the seas and climbs the mountains and asks for no captives, makes no demands. Burdens are self-imposed, and make many demands. They demand free passage from you. They demand virtue. They demand virtuous suffering from you. Burdens burden and oppress you, and you think the sense of burden is justified no matter what.

It is enough, for instance, as you perceive it, that a loved one was taken from you, and you feel the empty space. Burden tries to fill the emptiness with more emptiness by squeezing pain for all it is worth. Burden gets you to your knees, and so you surrender to oppression. You make burden a heavyweight. Burden is like a shawl you put over yourself to hide love from you. Mourning isn’t love. Mourning is too much butter slathered on love. Love frees. Burden clings. Remove burden. See through burden. Burden is not a good guy. No longer superimpose loss upon yourself.

In loss, you somehow make yourself the culprit when there is none, unless you like to call life the culprit.

Despite how helpless you may feel, you can live without your loved one, and you can love without your loved one right there beside you. Burden is not love. Burden is reprisal. For every moment of joy, you exact penance from yourself, retribution against yourself for loving, punishment to your heart for having presumed that you could love and keep it up even when your love was removed from your sight. Is this not the true story?

Rejoice for your friend who came Home to Me. Are you to weep that life or so-called death has outsmarted you, stolen from you, refused your pleas?

Burdens are self-centered. They are about you and not your loved one. You have plaints, and your plaints are like a knife or wedge you put in your beautiful heart in order to deny its existence and zest for life that your Good God has given you. Let not your loved one be your excuse for self-excess. Enough of burden now. Let your loved one be a mantle of open-heartedness and renewal. No time-out from love and embracing the world. You are far more than an icon of love. You are love. You are a beating heart that loves. Don’t make your love an excuse for mourning. Do not exult in your heart that you call broken.

You are not a horse to be broken into submission. Allow your heart to be a wild rose that keeps climbing to the sun and making it to the sun. A wild rose does not suffer. A wild rose reaches the heights and keeps climbing and furthering love. Love is not to tie you down. It is to uplift you. True love is not to be beseeched. It is to be beloved.

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