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An Expanded Perspective From Archangel Metatron By Shanta Gabriel

Shanta GabrielAwakening Consciousness on Earth

A note from Shanta Gabriel:

Since the June 21 Solstice, there has been an opening in your energy field to allow a new connection to the gifts and talents your soul is bringing to earth. On that day, I was blessed to lead the most powerful ceremony of my life on the sacred site recognized as the base chakra of the world, Mt. Shasta. This event deepened my 25-year connection to the Archangels and opened new channels for receiving from these enlightened beings. I have been graced with a deep alignment with Archangel Gabriel since 1990, and those who are familiar with my work recognize the loving communication that Gabriel offers to the world.

What has opened since the Solstice is channeled guidance and information from Archangel Metatron, Uriel, Sandalphon and others. I was told they wanted to present new work using these teachings because the Archangels are very invested in our awakening spiritual consciousness on Earth at this time. They want to help us build our new Light bodies and work more closely with the Universal Presence of Nature.

This new message from Archangel Metatron is the first in a series of channelings they will present.

I was also shown that to create these new Light bodies and access the wisdom of the heart, we need to create energetic pathways that allow the activation of the core alignment between our most divine self and our very human self. To do this, the Archangels are teaming up to work in your chakra system to help us access the wisdom of the heart. We will have to wait until the class work begins to see how the progression continues. I have been shown only the entry points into this new work, so I need to trust that the process of channeling the information the Archangels want to share with you will be ongoing through the class series and beyond. This has been true in every class I have taught since 1995, and we’ve consistently received powerful guidance.

This is my special invitation for you to join me in this amazing process of new life discoveries with the Archangels. In the meantime, enjoy the channeling from Archangel Metatron and bask in the expansive energies these messages contain.


Dear Ones,

An overview of the spiritual evolution your are currently experiencing may help give you perspective for these special times you live in. Since the Archangels have been very active in the recent awakening of consciousness, the expanded perspective that we are providing now can help you to see how important are the Starseeds to this evolution. The old forms of reality are crumbling like the Tower in the traditional tarot oracle. At the same time the Earth’s energy is gathering an accumulation of power that will motivate the collective impulse so multitudes of people will reach new plateaus of spiritual experience and create simultaneous global awakenings.

The creators who formed earth planted chronometers that measure evolution of consciousness. The human species was also coded to lead people into their Divine Blueprint. When enough people have awakened, a gate is opened that allows the Earth’s wisdom to be transmitted. That is in process at this time.

You are coded to move with the masses. This may cause frustration because you want to be farther along in your evolution, especially with your visionary sense of what is possible. This requires great patience. Know that as you share what you know and allow yourself to be in the frequencies of higher-dimensional reality, this vibration is broadcast around the world. As the codings for awakening are fired on the Earth, the masses of humanity evolve. All is time-coded and interlinked to respond to the patterns for the awakening of all souls to their greater identity.

This is where Archangel Metatron has dominion. You are here to bring Heaven to Earth. In the human chakra system, Archangel Metatron is the 7th chakra connection to Heaven representing Unity Consciousness, and Archangel Sandalphon is the 1st chakra connection to Earth, representing the power of Well-Being. These two Archangels become key players in your ability to transcend your 3D realities and bring higher-frequency awareness to the earth to assist the development of a deeper awakening energy on the planet.

You volunteered to be here for this time. Your soul was encoded with the Blueprint of Awakening Consciousness. Throughout the lifetime of those of the Baby Boom generation, these codes were being fired. The 1960’s were time-coded to create the momentum for awakening. Different events and specially gifted people were making their voices heard during that time, some were even killed in a very public way, but all were a part of the awakening of consciousness. Much of the music and books of that time had codes embedded in them that acted as firing signatures to spark the shift of spiritual awareness on the planet.

During the 1960’s high-level ideals sprang into being that related to more clarity around the requirements for a sustainable earth, healthful lifestyles, women’s rights, and expanded areas of consciousness. Over the next 20 years, thousands explored India and discovered Eastern teachings that previously were only available to a select few. Yoga, Tai Chi and other forms of healthful energy movement became mainstream.

Then came the next coding for mass awakening, which occurred during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 and marked the beginning of 25 years of massive change. Old structures became obsolete and began to crumble, such as the Berlin Wall. Mass spiritual awakening had begun. Recognized in prophecy by nearly every indigenous people on the planet, December 21, 2012 was a completion of a 26,000 cycle of life as we have known it. It is said to be also the beginnings of what some have called the Age of Aquarius, a new 26,000-year cycle of Peace on the planet.

Since the end of 2012, you have been in a paradigm shift that straddled the 3rd and 5th dimensions. Nothing is really the same, and since that time you have all been finding your way through a process of discovering what is possible now that was not available before. This world has been seeded for you to embrace in a new way. It is a world that contains all the Beauty and ideals that you most desire in your heart and brought with you to this lifetime. Divine Light is now permeating your ability to create in ways that may seem almost magical because that which you most desire is more tangible.

Teachings of Archangel Metatron

Because the time is here now for you to receive a gift from the Heavenly realms for your awakening process, the veils have parted to reveal Unity Consciousness, a spiritual attribute that is available to you now from the Archangels and through which the Metatronic energy frequencies work.

Through my all-seeing eyes and the impulses of the creative Source of All that Is, it is my format for evolution of consciousness that makes up the Soul’s Blueprint for new life awakening with each being on earth. It is our governance as the Archangels to flood the Earth with Light and impulse the heart and soul of those who await their mission.

You have always known that you are here for a greater purpose. This drive within you left you hungry for something you did not know. It was the Soul’s way of steering you toward your spiritual path. All you have done, all that you knew and explored through life, has led you here to this awakening of spiritual consciousness on earth. Your presence and focus of attention on the Light of Divine Presence is impulsing hundreds of thousands of people to also awaken.

A majority of people on the planet are feeling the stirrings in the hearts, the desire for something greater and more meaningful. Although their individual interpretation may not coincide with your idea of peace on the planet, nevertheless the impulse for awakening is there now and is spreading through the multitudes of souls on the planet like wildfire. The veils that kept the deepest truth from being revealed are gone. All who seek will truly find their way.

Part of the impulse comes from the fear engendered by the crumbling of familiar structures and a rising awareness of the environmental fragility of the planet. For many, change or die seems to be at the forefront of awareness. Know that the Archangels will use whatever is necessary to bring forth the awakening, and to fire the codes within humanity. Not that these challenges were caused by the Realms of Light, but now that it is here, we will take advantage of the opportunity to make the point.

The Power of Sacred Sites

The many spiritual seekers have also encouraged the Earth to open and reveal her teachings. As with the majority of people, the earth chakras are firing and the living library of Earth wisdom is opening. Sacred sites, as they are known, are now drawing millions of people every day. The power of love and respect that is being shown to these extraordinary places is greater than ever before. This has allowed the time-coded information within the earth to be revealed.

The Universal Presence of Nature is speaking, and the realms of the elementals and fairies and the consciousness of the Earth in all things is available for you to receive. This work is in conjunction with Archangel Sandalphon, acting as the Soul of the planet. Wherever you are, you have access to these teachings. You only have to be in Nature. The sacred sites are radiating their frequencies and many are receiving. All of life, that which is Sacred and Holy, is available to assist the awakening of your spirit. All that you are is a part of this awakening.

The massive opening of the Earth’s teachings is here to ease the process of evolution of consciousness. The wild weather patterns only demonstrate the volatility of the emotional output from millions of people. Their emotions have created a fear-based vibration that causes even more chaos and confusion.

You are the Awakening Presence on the Earth

What you, as the awakening presence on the Earth bring, is a new frequency of hope and love. When you are meditating, you bring into your life a sense of calm awareness and peaceful intent. You have no idea how much this benefits the Earth and all of humanity.

Your radiation of the deep knowing you carry in your spirit, the beauty of the love in your heart, and the power of your clear intention blesses the world and affects hundreds of thousands of people. Each person radiating the Light of pure spirit has the capacity to reach 800,000 people and spark their spiritual awakening.

Imagine your calm spirit radiating a rainbow of Divine Light. Rainbow colors carry all the frequencies of Light and thus can affect many layers of consciousness. Your imagination is a tool for higher consciousness. Allowing your being to radiate rainbows of Light changes the Earth’s vibration. People feel this change in their hearts and have an immediate sense of calm and lightness.

You can radiate this rainbow light to any area that seems in need. You can send this light to the collective consciousness of humanity, with the intention that their hearts receive and awaken to their Soul’s imperative. You can surround the entire Earth in rainbow light, and the depth of this powerful light presence will bring untold blessings to all beings. It is important to remember that Divine Light carries the spiritual qualities of Intelligence and Love. These qualities empower the Light to go where it needs to go and do what it needs to do.

You are the Light Bearers of this time. Your Soul has led you into new ways to perceive and receive the wisdom of the ages. Your presence makes a huge difference. All that you are longing to experience as an awakened soul on the planet is within your grasp. Together you are changing consciousness on the earth by lifting the spirit of all humanity into global awareness.

New life is occurring within the Earth as you are growing and awakening as a community of Light. The remembrance of your soul’s collective consciousness through the coding within you has been fired. You have a deep knowing of what is possible because you experienced it in other times and in other dimensions. These are the sacred teachings encoded in the Light, and it is this that you are bringing to the planet now.

Through you all of humanity is awakening. Through you the Earth is evolving and transcending time and space, allowing spontaneous evolution to come ever closer. It is all possible through the Light and power of the Divine Presence working through you.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014
for Archangel Metatron

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Sun’s Mojo Re-ignites Our Mojo By Dana Mrkich

Dana MrkichIf you’ve felt like you’ve been losing it over the last few days (losing your temper/patience/marbles), or flip-flopping from inner crisis to outer explosion to inner calm to outer excitement you’re not alone.

The Sun has found his mojo again with a series of M-class flares since last Thurs/Fri with the most powerful of those recorded today. I’ve caught myself thinking ‘I can’t have another coffee I’m still buzzing from the one this morning” only to realise I didn’t have one in the morning! That’s how solar energy can feel – like adrenalin rushing through you.

We’ve come to a time where push has turned to shove when it comes to being/doing that which is truly in alignment with our truth, our heart, and our most authentic feelings. This isn’t necessarily about having grand epiphanies about why you’re here – rather it is the day to day way you go about living life that is being pulled into sharp focus. When the day to day is clear, it tends to naturally lead you to whatever your ‘big picture’ path is.

I’ve found that I can no longer ignore those little (big) inner nudges that have been saying: close your eyes and have a few minutes at least of meditation time every day, drink more water, get to bed earlier, get into the appreciation/gratitude zone when you need to feel centred, and read things that you feel inspired by not agitated by. Those are all little things but accumulated over many weeks and months, they create the ‘big picture’ landscape of my health/clarity/energy flow/receptivity to higher guidance and so on.

What have your inner nudges been telling you lately? You might be feeling called to make some changes in your routine or diet, to add, change or delete some things off your schedule or daily menu. Write a list today of those things that have been tapping you on the shoulder, and commit to doing at least a few.

How are you feeling, and what is on your list?

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Moment by Moment; Step by Step…more New By Kara Schallock

Kara SchallockOn the New Moon of August 25th, the Lion’s Gate will come to its conclusion. Yet, it certainly is not the conclusion of our transition into higher dimensions. During this Gateway, much progress has been made in our Ascension. (Remember, we are ascending on Earth to stay here in order to bring forth Gaia to a higher state of being.) We’ve let go of more “old;” we’ve adjusted more physically to match the Light we now hold, and we have anchored much Light/Love within us and within all of life. I know you can feel it. Our messages confirming this are all around us. For instance, earlier this week my computer’s hard drive crashed. Yay! My message was that my personal old hard drive crashed as well and I received a brand new one, reflecting where I now am…further anchored in the New. What messages have you been receiving that reflect where you are?

We are acting more in alignment with Who we are, while the chasm between the old and the New grows wider; this includes others who are choosing to stay in the old. Certainly, you have felt this and yet, you’re not attached to it. It is what it is and in this way, you make it easier to let go of the old, including people and old behaviors. While many have felt they have been traversing two worlds at once, they now feel, more than likely, as though they are fully in the New and have great Compassion for those still occupying the old. It is very difficult to relate to those still in the old, for you no longer find Joy in drama, gossip, complaining, blaming or taking part in meaningless banter. You have lost the desire to be right and have others be wrong. Of course, this is your potential of the New Now. Those in the New want only meaning in their lives and while many have felt this way for a long time; it is even more pronounced now. Even for those who have felt alone due to so many leaving their life, it doesn’t feel alone or lonely. Realize also that this is dependent on where you are in your Ascension, for everyone is moving along according to their own path in accordance with their Soul.

Know that while we are anchored more in the New, the old will still be clearing out. You might notice how busy your mind is. This is because your Heart is becoming more powerful and the ego-mind is trying desperately to stay in charge. You can help by seeing those thoughts as puffy clouds that dissipate as soon as they arrive. Know too that many are still going outside themselves for answers, when in fact, everything they need is within. The Heart is not interested in details that come from ego…questions like why, when, where, how or who. The Heart is fine with what is, which one can only access in the Moment.

Remember that your words either heal (whole) or steal and the same is true with thoughts. When you are in judgment, that energy goes out to others. When in negativity, you touch others with that negativity. When in Love, that energy flows out to all. So the question is, “What do I want to support…Love/Unity or fear/separation?” If you find yourself in negativity or blame or judgment, go within and release the belief in separation, for we are in Unity Consciousness and if you are still in the old blame game, you are affecting others with separation consciousness. And you know when someone else is in judgment of you, even when they are not direct…you feel it.

Things are so different now and yet, many are not acting from their Power. Many still run to their doctors and teachers and gurus and those they think are wiser than they. Instead of giving your Power to others, have you been in Trust that you can heal/whole yourself? Try it, if you choose. Recently I was badly bitten by a dog. I chose not to see a doctor and knew I could heal it myself. I did, because I trust that I hold the Power to do so. (I did reach out to a dear friend, who helped guide me to some essential oils, and then followed my own guidance.) I also released any leftover victim energy, even though I never felt victimized by the dog, whom I dearly love. We create circumstances so that we can see just how powerful we are. And then we have a choice…to go back to the way we used to do things or try on the New. We are creative, sovereign beings. We have everything we need right here; right now.

Because we are so firmly in the New, we are not to create the way we always have, for that is merely recreating old constructs. Instead, we are to create in a new way. The best way is to decide how you want to feel; not in thinking of the details, but to just focus on how you want to feel and then Be that. It is so much simpler than worrying about how or when or what. Can you trust that how you want to feel is creating the future in each moment? Can you trust that the details will be managed by your Soul? Can you let go of managing everything and trusting that all is unfolding perfectly for you? Can you allow life to be simple?

To have our minds align with our Hearts, which is the New way, we must strengthen our Hearts. This is done through meditation, feeling and allowing. It is done through following our Guidance 100%. Then our intellect becomes the servant of our Heart. And our Souls are connected to our Hearts, so feeling and meditating empowers our Soul’s voice so that we know clearly, one step and one moment at a time, what to do next. First is Being, then from Being, we do. This is the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Being=Divine Feminine; doing=Divine Masculine.

It is so obvious now that if we dwell in the past, it feels uncomfortable. If we dwell in the future, it feels uncomfortable. Know that past and future are in the present moment. Our addiction to “needing to know details” must be let go of, for it keeps ego-mind strong. When we are in Trust that all we are intended to know is right here; right now, we free ourselves and strengthen our Heart’s guidance. If you don’t have an answer, then it isn’t aligned with your evolution to know something. Let it go and trust that if it is for your highest unfolding, you will receive an answer.

As you have probably guessed, all the downloads and shifting to a higher consciousness is ongoing. Yes, we do have those times when we get a booster rocket attached to our progress and yet, it is ongoing…ongoing releasing and integrating, and ongoing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifting. Less and less are asking the question, “When will it end?!?” Ascension is ongoing; it is infinite. When one reaches one stage, another begins. This is why it may feel as though you keep beginning and repeating what you thought was complete. It is because we, like the Universe, are a spiral. Each download of Light reveals deeper layers until we are at our very core and the building up then occurs.

We are moving at mach speed and is why it is important to stay in the Moment. For only in the Moment will you see what you are becoming, what needs release and how far you’ve come. Don’t keep track of it, for that is how the old holds you close to it. Flow through the changes and realize that whatever happens is purposeful for you in beneficial ways. If you try and make sense of it, you get lost in confusion and fogginess and fear. So move quickly through anything that calls your attention to it.

While we are firmly in the New, we still are moving through layers of density. This can feel like an ebb and flow of energies. One day you’re high on Love and the next day, there seems to be darkness and feeling lost. This is all the way it is. Don’t judge yourself when in those dark places, just release the underlying belief and remind yourself of the Truth…”I AM ascending…” and Be Gratitude, for all occurs in Love. The flower in Winter does not worry that Spring won’t come. Be the flower. Trust.

Each time we actively engage in Ceremony or meditation or Gateways or other events, we expand our consciousness. Consciousness is the degree to which we know; absolutely know (not just think or hope for) that we are Divine. So each time we receive downloads of Light, we expand our consciousness; we align our body, mind and Heart to our Divinity. We become more sensitive and intuitive. We integrate more Unity/oneness of all life (no us/them; bad/good/ right/wrong), and of course we expand in and as Love. Our perceptions shift from duality to Oneness and Divine Order. And as we each continue to expand in consciousness, this consciousness flows out in all directions, touching all of life. There is no such thing as aloneness, for truly we are all connected and this includes Gaia and all life forms on Earth and beyond. What you think, feel and do, you do for all. So stand strong in Who you are.

You are perfect in every way. You are loved, guided and supported. You are never alone.