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Sonnet I By Sir John Suckling

Sir John Suckling

Dost see how unregarded now
That piece of beauty passes?
There was a time when I did vow
To that alone;
But mark the fate of faces;
The red and white works now no more on me
Than if it could not charm, or I not see.

And yet the face continues good,
And I have still desires,
Am still the selfsame flesh and blood,
As apt to melt
And suffer from those fires;
Oh some kind pow’r unriddle where it lies,
Whether my heart be faulty, or her eyes?

She ev’ry day her man does kill,
And I as often die;
Neither her power then, nor my will
Can question’d be.
What is the mystery?
Sure beauty’s empires, like to greater states,
Have certain periods set, and hidden fates.

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