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I Am Not Getting Any Love From Bloglovin’

Bloglovin's startpage

Bloglovin’s startpage (Photo credit: Mattias.Swenson)

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Heavenletter #4939 Your Heart Is A Beautiful Thrush With Beating Wings: A Message From God Channeled By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffUnleash your heart, beloveds. You have reined in your heart for too long. Your heart is not disobedient. You have been disobedient to your heart.

You have a heart of fullness, and you have kept it hemmed in. You have renounced your heart, even denounced it as if your heart were meant to be downtrodden. Your heart is meant to be lifted and revealed. The truth is you have a heart of shining gold, and you have painted it over so no one will know, least of all you. You have hidden your heart away as if your heart were inferior. Beloveds, your heart is not meant to be lackluster.

You have frozen your heart, putting it away for later, preserving it, so you thought, not for a rainy day but for a sunny day, or, likely, postponing it, well, until tomorrow — or forever.

Your heart is like a sun and is meant to shine as boldly as the sun. Your heart is not meant to be under a parasol as though it were to be protected from itself. The day of your heart’s sunshine is at hand. Release your heart from all you have shrouded it under and from. Nurture your heart. Let it be seen.

Your heart is strong. Don’t keep your heart in cold storage. Your heart is not meant to be a shrinking violet. Your heart is not meant to be preserved. Your heart is meant to get right out there. Nor is your heart meant to battle the elements. Rain or snow, your heart is to vibrate, to pulse, to beat, to take over, to have its day.

Its day is now. The life of your heart is now. Your heart is a beautiful thrush with beating wings, not a hot-house rose grown under precise circumstances.

Your heart is meant for wonderful things, like going out on the town, like being there to suffuse and infuse other hearts with all the love in the world. Your heart is made for love. Your heart is not meant to harbor doubts and fear. Your heart is meant to be a tiger, not some old horse stuck in a barn. It isn’t that your heart is to be wild. It is that your heart is to be what a heart is. Your heart is fine. It is not to be confined to a corral somewhere. Your heart has to be free. Have a heart, beloved. Take your heart and free it.

You have hassled your heart. You have restricted it. Your heart does not need training. Your heart is meant to be a heart. If your heart were a horse, it is to be shining white horse without a saddle. The white horse of your heart is meant to fly. Oh, yes, your heart is a flying heart. It can go anywhere. Your heart can lead a herd of hearts and keep each heart free to be all it is meant to be. Your heart is meant to be a lot. Your heart is not meant to give you a pony ride in a small circle round and round. Let go of the reins of your heart.

Let your heart have its debut. Introduce your heart to the world. Let your heart take its hat off and throw it to the winds. Your heart is not meant, not meant at all, to perform as though it were a showpiece. Your heart is meant to ride as a white charger. Your heart isn’t meant to knuckle under fear or rejection. Your heart is to ride, and you are to ride on it, following its lead. You are not qualified to lead your heart. Your heart is ahead of you.

Have you not denied your heart its longings? What would you do that for? For safety? Safety is prevention of life and prevention of love. Let your heart take you where it takes you. This is not foolhardy. This is wisdom. To get on your horse and ride it is wisdom. This is not losing your head. This is finding your heart.

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Energy Forecast – Graduation Day By Emmanuel Dagher

Emmanuel DagherHi my Beautiful Friend,

It’s such an honor to share in this way with you again.

During this time of year, children and adults all across the world receive the opportunity to celebrate their academic achievements with a graduation ceremony.

A graduation usually brings up a multitude of feelings. For some, these feelings may include a sense of accomplishment for what they have achieved. For others, it may bring up a little sadness over the fact that the student life they are so accustomed to is no longer there for them.

It can also bring up great joy, excitement, nervousness, hesitation or anticipations about what the future holds.

Graduation Time

In terms of energy, many people (especially the way-showers) are experiencing the exact same thing right now. It’s Graduation Time.

Those who’ve chosen a path of spiritual awareness will have noticed that from about February 2014 (earlier than that for some) to mid-May, things seemed more challenging than usual.

The lesson plans and “homework” the Universe was assigning us to learn felt much tougher than before, and even unfair at times. Of course when these challenges showed up, those who have been doing their inner work immediately began using some of the many spiritual tools they’ve acquired over the years during their spiritual journey.

But just as everything would start to settle down a bit and appear to be remedied, another challenging “assignment” would pop up in its place.

Asking for Help

During these times, many who are sensitive and empathic to energy will try to convince themselves and others that they’re holding everything together, despite how out of balance they feel.

It’s OK at these times to just let go of the façade and ask for help.

After a certain amount of time of trying to hold everything in balance on their own, anyone can reach a breaking point, creating an intense energy field within and around themselves. At that point, even the smallest things can set them off completely.

Although great healing and transformation can follow such an experience, asking for help – not just putting on a brave face and saying that everything is perfect – can take some of the pressure off. A major eruption does not need to occur in order for great expansion to follow.

If you’ve been experiencing anything similar to this, then just know you are not alone.

I’d like to invite you to think back to a time when you were just about to graduate school.

Do you remember how chaotic things got, those last few months before you graduated? Whether it was taking exams, finishing up projects, attending events, or tending to anything else that needed to be completed before you could graduate, it all probably felt quite overwhelming, right?

Then, on the actual day of your graduation, when you were about to walk up and receive your diploma, knowing deep down that you were about to embark on a brand new chapter in your life, all the hardship you’d endured up to that point instantly dissolved.

In that moment, you even thought to yourself, “I would do it all over again.”

Well my friend, that is exactly where we are, right now.

Starting a New Timeline

The lessons we’ve been learning may have seemed more challenging than before, because we needed to fit in as many as possible to make it in time for our upcoming graduation day.

Graduation days are like energy portals, because they serve as the end point of one timeline and the beginning of another.

This particular graduation is leading us into higher states of consciousness. We are aligning with the greater potentials of our truest selves and our highest purpose.

It’s taken a lot of refining to get here, but we are here.

Although it may not feel like it yet for some, we have already achieved so much in terms of raising our consciousness. Yes, we will continue to achieve more.

However, it’s important to take the time to celebrate how far we’ve already come.

Craving Silence

Around graduation day, there is usually a period of time when we desire to be more introspective. Listening and being still in the silence balms the soul, by replenishing and nourishing us at the very deepest core level.

If you are craving silence, give yourself permission to be at One with it. There’s no need to rush. This is your time to breathe.

Soon after a graduation occurs, new experiences begin to blossom. You may have already been planting the seeds for these experiences to start manifesting in your life.

This can show up as doing something you’ve never done before, starting a new project, job, relationship or healing protocol, getting out of your comfort zone, committing to following your bliss, or anything else that expands you.

I am celebrating you and your continued commitment to creating heaven on Earth, for yourself and for all of humanity.

Till next time,

Miraculously yours,


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Slow Suicide: The Story About Eating Bad Food

Junk Food Paradise

Junk Food Paradise (Photo credit: avrene)

Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Slow Suicide: The Story About Eating Bad Food

Exploring Blogging Communities

Tablet_Pc.pngHere is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Exploring Blogging Communities

Energy Themes: June 2014 By Meredith Murphy

Meredith MurphyHello Beautiful!

I’m so happy to connect with you today. Thank you for taking the time to listen and receive. Here are some of the themes in play as we continue to unfold our new experiences of conscious presence, in the material.

Being at a loss for words

We’re in an expansive, void-state lately. But it’s different from before.

I’ve realized, that as my consciousness expands, encompassing more and more of all that I am, that I am increasingly experiencing awareness beyond concepts. Thus, being at a loss for stories, or making meaning out of what’s taking place. Perhaps you’ve noticed this too?

Interestingly, despite this, in any given moment, it’s quite easy to participate when another person or situation presents, which is a wonderful confirmation that we do indeed have access to everything that we need. A reminder that all we need is what we need, now.

Reorganization of the mind-body hierarchy

First of all, emotions are being seen more accurately by many of us; as triggered pathways of thought. Loops. Neural nets. The distinction between emotions and feelings or sensations is arising to be perceived. Have you sensed or noticed this?

As you live without the filters of beliefs and stories, more and more, you can see the difference between emotions and the more direct experiences of feelings or sensations.

In addition to emotions losing their lustre and their power, the hierarchy of the mind-body has been reorganized.

The mind-body, a sentient, all-knowing field of local and non-local energies is increasingly now functioning as an integration of spirit and material. The mind, as awareness, is increasingly grounded in the body.

Ground by coming fully in, here

For a long while, we were guided to ground and connect to the Earth. More useful now, is to ground yourself by filling up your physical form with the conscious awareness that is YOU. Inviting your essence into your human form.

Realize that your awareness, IS YOU. So as you bring attention fully into the body, not just down the spinal pathway, not just in your chakras, but filling up your whole physical body and then emanating from you as your auric field, you ground yourself on Earth.

What was missing before for so many Lightworkers, was a willingness to come fully in! There was hesitancy. There was resistance. This is natural given the emotional triggers and the past life experiences that may have also informed and been re-experienced in new ways in this life to provide a pathway to expanded wholeness. Yet, now it is more than obvious, that manifesting and ascending, are part and parcel. That the material IS the vehicle for ascension. It is the context for this collective shift into finer, lighter, awareness.

Moving beyond duality

In the past, spiritual development involved going inward, with a focus to reach upward. The filter of duality saw the lower chakras and reflections of this in the world (money, for example,) as non-spiritual. There was a hope that one could escape all this, and ascend.

For anyone living this way, there was a lot of activity in the upper chakras and not much in the lower chakras. If you’ve found it hard to manifest, try grounding by coming fully into your body with your conscious awareness, using your attention and intend. It will make a huge difference in your creative powers.

As we expand beyond duality, and transactional relationship to life, we embrace the material as local and non-local energy; inherently love and beautiful, expressed in form and specificity. Innately harmonious and a variation on the endless themes of love.

We begin to realize; it’s about being here, and being the Creator-God’s we innately are.

So then, we encounter, the most challenging of situations: the realization that we must go all in, and start and build and create and imagine and hope anew, to receive the harvest of it all. To fulfill our divine intentions in being here.

Learning to invest again

Personally, I find learning to invest again, annoying. Beyond annoying, really. Isn’t annoying a way of couching our disappointment? Being somewhat cynical, reticent, jaded? Yes.

Recently I realized this in a very pointed way as I moved into a new home. It’s beautiful! Light-filled, spacious. Room to work, write, channel, paint, grow things and relax. It’s in a wonderful area and close to all the things I love about where I live.

Here I sit 20 days in, in rooms still largely filled with boxes. Why? Well, I’m tired for one. And my air conditioner broke when I first moved in, so I couldn’t live here during our 100 + degree heat wave. But those are just stories.

The reason I haven’t yet unpacked more is that I’ve hit that sticky resistance, that says, “Why bother? OMG, I’ve done this so many times before…and I’m tired!”

It’s the Atlantis-paradigm. The deep memory of being thwarted right in the midst of arriving in a life that you worked for, a long time and perhaps even, through many lifetimes. Or it’s the Lemurian-paradigm. Pick your disappointment, we’ve all got them.

Part of being a Lightworker is volunteering, with enthusiasm, countless times, to enter the material and bring forth our light. Our light is our consciousness. As we embody it more and more fully, we increase the spin of our field, ascending.

Now we’re in a state of being that is truly new. The material itself is uplifted. Then why, you may wonder, as did I, are we still so tired and hesitant to jump right in and create?

Because we’re learning to live beyond that old way of creating.

Beyond transactions: learning to receive

The impulse to create as in our past, isn’t coming forth. I realized this once I put my compassion hat on and stopped beating myself up for not zipping around in zest-filled zeal that at last I am in my new home.

I realized; it’s about learning to let the support in, let the higher levels of my being, my entourage, the “Golden Dawn Squad,” as I like to call them, my essence, all of my Family of Light in the non-physical, collaborate with me and present to me.

It’s about opening more fully and learning to receive.

For a long time, as we awoke, we were learning to be, rather than doing all the time. Now I see that we’re opening up to even more ease, we’re opening more fully, to receive. This invitation to open more, to receive more, is the Divine Feminine quality that is talked about so much in regards to Earth’s Magical shift taking place.

The key now is to discover our own ways to open more and become a living channel of all that we are. The Epitome of Me. Of You. Of each of us.

Open to the fullness of our being, open to the world. Flowing. Receiving. Expressing. Emanating. Present. Alive and creative.

Holding Back the Floodgates

Each of us has spent lots of time letting go of everything that wasn’t in alignment with all that we are. Realize that doing this has simply created a more and more abundant flow!

As we have not yet learned to open more fully to receive all that we’ve created and intended, we’re in essence, holding back the floodgates. No wonder we’re so tired.

The key to having more energy is not just to sleep more. It’s to open more and let more in.

In effect, we’ve gotten into big-time alignment with a rushing river of more-everything that we’ve wanted.

So it’s time to learn to open to the door wider and wider and let more and more of it in.

How, then, now do we open to receive?

What I’ve noticed is there are several things that seem to support this opening up more. Each of us is different, and we’ll each have to find what works best and where we tend to be more closed.

Hint: the areas of greatest disappointment are where we’re used to holding back the flow.

We can invite our own Family of Light, our non-physical friends, to expand our perspective. To reignite our confidence and hope. They can also steer us and guide us and show us and assist as we move through our day, helping us to connect with more and more of the life we’ve created and not yet experienced.

Give permission and invite support

Remember — the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all of the Star Families and our Cosmic Families still need our permission to step forth more fully and assist in the Earth realm.

Invite them in. Ask them to be with you. Give them permission each morning and each evening to help you remember how to live open and free. To reclaim your hope, and the natural, carefree prowess of expressing and receiving that are your true nature.

That’s the frontier for us now and this month, and through the September Equinox, there’ll be lots of people being presented with invitations to reawakening to a renewed optimism.

How does one get this invitation? By inviting assistance and support from all that we are. By learning to ask for what we want and learning to expect and receive support.

What is your relationship with support?

This simple act of asking for support, is part of learning to receive. It’s an act of openness. It can demonstrate the knowing of our Oneness. If we know we are One and believe we are supported, wouldn’t it be natural, in this time when our bodies are so weary and our hearts so tired, to invite, open and welcome support?

It’s up to us to realize that what we’re not receiving, we don’t yet know how to let in. It’s not that we cannot create. It’s that we’re not used to receiving abundantly, with ease and grace. Learning that this is the truth of life, will take some practice.

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Focus On Your Eternal Being By Ann Albers

Ann AlbersMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

When you know who you really are, you can simply enjoy the rest of your life as an adventure! You are an eternal soul walking around in a temporary body, and yet your physical life receives so much attention! You believe it controls you. You fear that it will not look as you wish. You identify with your bank accounts, your bodies, your situations in life, the people around you, and yet dear ones the greatest identification you can make, is that with love. For indeed your are fashioned in the image and likeness of God, and that truth alone will transform your existence.

Are you tired of not “having enough”? Then dear ones look into your spirit and see where you are depriving yourself of your own love. Are you wanting to feel better in your body? Then look inside your heart and see where you can feel better in your soul. Are you desiring companionship? How can you be a better friend to yourself and allow others closer to the real you? Always and forever we encourage you to look at your material world as a mirror, and then to ask yourself, “What can I change inside of me first, in order to shift my outer reality?”

You are not the body. You are not the thoughts. You are not the circumstances around you. You are nothing less than a being created from the very heart of God, a being fashioned of love, created uniquely and beautifully from this love.

Embrace the fact that you are a soul. Embrace the fact that you came to learn that you are nothing less than love. Embrace the fact that at every moment in time, whether awkward or graceful, you are attempting to create a more loving reality. And from that perspective, by all means shape your outer world as you wish. Decorate your homes. Choose cars you like. Preen, primp, and take care of your bodies. Your spirit can, if you like create a wonderful adventure here while upon the earth… as long as you remember, you are spirit first, and from that reality, all else will follow.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
– The Angels

Message From Ann

By now you’ve heard about my health adventure a few weeks ago! Believe me, during that time I had to use every ounce of will power to identify with the spirit living in the body, rather than seeing myself as a mess! There’s nothing like meeting lots of new, incredibly talented people while you’re looking your worst and not feeling much better! I sat by the creek with amazing people – looking terrible, hardly able to talk, and yet strangely at peace with it all! I know who I am.

And incredibly enough, no one saw me as injured or damaged, because that was not the energy I was putting out. Tired, hungry, bloated or not, I was sending forth a signal of knowing I was love and light of God and that was my deepest truth in spite of all appearances and sensations. And in that space, I had a strange joy and a sense of calm. People responded to it. A total stranger used the word “beautiful” to describe me… and believe me, the photos I took prove otherwise! But my soul was still beautiful even if my body was not, and my heart was still shining, even if my physical energy wasn’t there.

It is such a human myth that everything around us must be perfect for us to feel good about ourselves. I was at my all-time worst, and yet someone said that they didn’t even have a clue. I wasn’t trying to “tough it out.” I was genuinely finding things to be happy about. I wasn’t in denial of my physical state of being. I was simply identifying more with my spirit. And that is why I decided to teach, “Magical Self Love” again in the fall because it was putting that class together a few years ago that firmly cemented in the notion that no matter what I think, feel, or experience, I can know the truth of my being, embrace it, and radiate light in spite of everything else going on.

Embracing true self love – love of the truth of my being, has transformed my life. I wish everyone could feel so good even when they “should” feel bad, or have been taught to feel “lesser than.” There I was standing next to beautiful and talented individuals, looking gaunt, starved, bloated, AND dirty (because I couldn’t stay out of the creek!). In my younger, less enlightened days, I would have wanted to crawl under a rock! However, after working with angels all these years, I was able to focus on who I really am. I knew my light and I knew the contribution I could make to their lives as well. As a result, no one judged me. No one looked down upon me. Everyone saw the real me… because I was being the real me.

So when life isn’t easy, remember who you are. You are nothing less than the light and love of God having experiences and adventures here upon the earth. Some are glorious adventures, and some are so challenging you don’t know how you’ll survive. Nonetheless, these things are all temporary. What remains, always and forever more, eternally and beautifully, is the light of your own precious soul.

I love you and I see the truth of your being.
Have a beautiful week,

Just Pondering Part 696

wordpress.jpgI am fully aware of the fact that WordPress can be somewhat problematic at times — glitches come up from out of the woodwork like ghosts with the intentions of haunting your blog instead of you (But, that can be annoying at times).

This is what has been happening to me lately: I keep getting repeated notifications from the same person pertaining to liking my About page (Now, I highly doubt that person is really doing that).

Have you been receiving the same type of technical glitches? And, what are your views on all of this?

If you enjoyed this article and you would like to read more posts of this nature, please feel free to follow this blog of mine.

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No One Can Dictate Your Joy By Brenda Hoffman

Brenda HoffmanDear Ones,

Even though you are familiar with the theme of new earth joy, few of you have yet dared to fully experience it.

Joy is not concentrating on someone or something and expecting that will result in pleasure.

Such is a continuation of 3D logic (or illogic!) and expecting different results. For is it not true that in your 3D life you expected to enjoy family holidays or events, the celebration of a new job or numerous other activities only to discover the opposite or something quite different was your reality?

That discovery often resulted in the sense you were not worth love or you did not know how to experience joy as others seemed to do – that somehow you were not ‘getting it’ whatever it was.

Each disappointing experience added to your self knowingness that you did not know how to live or celebrate life.

Such was true. For you expected to create joy from logic – as others did or at least expressed that they did. A bit like the story of the ‘king without clothes’.

Your psychological studies indicate that depression or self-anger is often evident during the holidays. Not because it is reality, but because those who are sad or depressed feel ‘out of the emotional loop.’

They are not out of an ‘emotional loop’ for how can any one day be proclaimed an event of joy when each individual experiences that day differently?

A beautiful spring day creates tears of joy for some. While others feel the same about pets, music, a job well done or a family event.

Just because you were taught in 3D that you ‘should’ – in any part of your being, including your emotions – does not mean that you will. If you had one leg, no one would expect you to win a marathon. Yet, ALL are expected to feel similar emotions on the same day or during an event.

Expected emotions are illogical – just as was true for your 3D behaviors.

It is time to allow yourself to feel what you feel when you feel it – including joy and pleasure.

Many of you exchanged one set of emotional shoulds for another. Various sources stated that joy is part of new earth – maybe they even indicate that those who do not feel joy are not ‘right’ somehow in their new earth actions or behaviors.

Such is not true. You feel what you feel when you feel it. Allow yourself to feel joy if that is right for you. And allow yourself to feel fear if that is right.

Allow who you are to flow, instead of continuing the 3D activity of trying to be or feel like someone else.

There is no right or wrong way to feel joy, sadness or any other emotion – just as there is no ‘right’ culture or being. You just are. And once you accept that, you will begin feeling the joy that is right for you – not anyone else.

Perhaps some of you disagree believing that everyone should love their children, parents or country. Such is merely placing shoulds in different places.

Allow yourself and others to be. Allow yourself find the joy that is right for you. Knowing that as each finds his or her joy, joy and love will expand.

For if you find great joy in a sunset and someone else discovers joy in creating a new building or activity, joy is spread to all parts of earth beingness.

If some of you find joy in holidays and expect others to feel the same, love is blocked – both by those expecting others to follow their lead and those not quite understanding why they cannot.

As is true for all parts of your new being, allow yourself to flow and you will discover joy when it is right for you.

Perhaps you need to fully explore fear before such is possible – so you cannot yet comprehend your personal joy.

Do not fret about those who are exploring their joy now – you will when the time is right.

For this new earth is of joy – but unique joy that is yours – and no one else’s. So be it. Amen.

Copyright © 2009-2014, Brenda Hoffman. All rights reserved: http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com. Please feel free to share this content with others – post it on your blog, add it to your newsletter, etc. – but keep the integrity of this article by including the author/channeler: Brenda Hoffman and source website link: www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Weekly LightBlast: Accessing Grace By Jamye Price

Jamye PriceLife has a delicate beauty that is often lost in the perceptions of the world around you. When you look at Life, do you see beauty?  Do you see the potential of beauty within any experience or any choice?  It is not always evident in the moment.  You must seek the potential of Love that quietly awaits your awareness to be brought into form.  This is the unconditional Love that inspires the expansion of Love on Earth, rather than the judgment that inflames shame.  When you perceive yourself and others through the graceful beauty that Love creates, you give hope and healing to any situation.  Do you have the powerful knowing within that your Love is that strong?  When you choose to Love, you are taking the first step of action that creates the next moment.  It is a courageous choice to Love the ‘unlovable.’  It is your Love that breaks the chains of pain that bind humanity.  Love easily and abundantly.  You are that powerful.

Humanity is at an exciting point in Ascension that is quietly looming within the heart.  Do you have the courage to Love the new world into form?  Your Love weaves the fabric of Life, offering hope and new solution to life’s problems.  This Grace is the peace that passes all understanding into the peace that offers all understanding.  As you perceive another through their pain seeking resolution within, you perceive their power to overcome challenge and begin to interact with Life in a different way.  Your Grace of seeing the Love within begins to ignite the flame of Love in another, rather than inflaming shame.  What a powerful gift to Life you have within you.

As we sit to Blast Accessing Grace, we are releasing the egos lazy need to dominate the world into acceptable behavior so that we can find peace within.  We are opening to the power that brings healing and change, not just a new façade of domination.  We are teaching the power of peace within, as all humans begin to discover their inner beauty through the reflection of Love abounding on Earth.  We are changing the past into wisdom, the present into a gift, and the future into a world of Love.  Thank you for being the Love that you are.  Blast on!

Copyright: © 2005-2014 Jamye Price, www.CrystallineSoulHealing.com All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.