Megan Fox’s Diet SUCKS!! + VLOG

One Of My Favourite Rap Tracks From Positive K

Positive K

Cover of Positive K

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Doing Something Constructive In Sleepless Moments

Insomnia smiley

Insomnia smiley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Giant Oak By Emily Pauline Johnson

Emily Pauline Johnson

And then the sound of marching armies ‘woke
Amid the branches of the soldier oak,
And tempests ceased their warring cry, and dumb
The lashing storms that muttered, overcome,
Choked by the heralding of battle smoke,
When these gnarled branches beat their martial drum.

9 Things That Will Happen When You Care What People Think

Just Pondering Part 769

Parker PenWe must never make the mistake of taking people for granted; because if we do, we could end up in a whole lot of trouble.

The truth is: there is always someone on this planet who is capable of helping us with any issue that we may have and if you are known to brush people off, they may refuse to intervene and lend a helping hand.

Are you nice to people? Or, are you cruel to them?

My general belief is: that we are one big extended family on Planet Earth who are interconnected to each other via Infinite Spirit; therefore, if you are being unkind to someone, you are being unkind to another aspect of yourself.

So, it is always in our best interest not to take anyone for granted.

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One Of My Favourite Songs From Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox

Cover of Samantha Fox

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