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Heavenletter #4986 A Wild Rose By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffGive Me your burdens. Hand them over. Do you really want them? My shoulders are broad. Burdens of yours weigh nothing with Me. And that is what burdens are worth — nothing. Indeed, they may lie heavily on you, yet they do not weigh Me down. Burdens are burdens only by virtue of your perception. They are nothing at all. Your perception is mis-aligned, regardless of what the world declares. Burdens are not desirable. They are not a status symbol. Hand your burdens to Me, and I put them in the burden-washer. Your burdens come out squeaky-clean.

Predominantly, your burdens are sense of loss, present, past, or future. Better to develop a sense of love. Of course, love is no burden at all. The sense of love I speak of is a neutral kind of love, one that witnesses yet doesn’t absorb, a kind of love that sails across the seas and climbs the mountains and asks for no captives, makes no demands. Burdens are self-imposed, and make many demands. They demand free passage from you. They demand virtue. They demand virtuous suffering from you. Burdens burden and oppress you, and you think the sense of burden is justified no matter what.

It is enough, for instance, as you perceive it, that a loved one was taken from you, and you feel the empty space. Burden tries to fill the emptiness with more emptiness by squeezing pain for all it is worth. Burden gets you to your knees, and so you surrender to oppression. You make burden a heavyweight. Burden is like a shawl you put over yourself to hide love from you. Mourning isn’t love. Mourning is too much butter slathered on love. Love frees. Burden clings. Remove burden. See through burden. Burden is not a good guy. No longer superimpose loss upon yourself.

In loss, you somehow make yourself the culprit when there is none, unless you like to call life the culprit.

Despite how helpless you may feel, you can live without your loved one, and you can love without your loved one right there beside you. Burden is not love. Burden is reprisal. For every moment of joy, you exact penance from yourself, retribution against yourself for loving, punishment to your heart for having presumed that you could love and keep it up even when your love was removed from your sight. Is this not the true story?

Rejoice for your friend who came Home to Me. Are you to weep that life or so-called death has outsmarted you, stolen from you, refused your pleas?

Burdens are self-centered. They are about you and not your loved one. You have plaints, and your plaints are like a knife or wedge you put in your beautiful heart in order to deny its existence and zest for life that your Good God has given you. Let not your loved one be your excuse for self-excess. Enough of burden now. Let your loved one be a mantle of open-heartedness and renewal. No time-out from love and embracing the world. You are far more than an icon of love. You are love. You are a beating heart that loves. Don’t make your love an excuse for mourning. Do not exult in your heart that you call broken.

You are not a horse to be broken into submission. Allow your heart to be a wild rose that keeps climbing to the sun and making it to the sun. A wild rose does not suffer. A wild rose reaches the heights and keeps climbing and furthering love. Love is not to tie you down. It is to uplift you. True love is not to be beseeched. It is to be beloved.

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Heavenletter #4985 The Glory of Love in Heaven By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffTo all a good day. May you have a fine day today, a delightful day, a loving day, a day that blesses and enlivens you, a day to look forward to, a day to love through rather than live through. A day where you get going, and a day where you pause, a day to enter into, and a day to let pass. Today cannot be a day like any other day, for each day is given its full measure. No two days are alike, not even to the weatherman.

Every day is like a bursting through life the way a flower seed bursts through the soil, and there is the sun, the yellow sun that energizes the day, and you, and you. The day has its say, and then the day goes to bed and night rises, and along with the night, the moon. There is moonrise, and moonset, even as the sun and the moon are ever-present. All the effects are on Earth for you. Sun in the morning and the moon in the evening, you are okay.

Of course, you are better than okay. You are better than all right. You are better than fine. You who are made of Magnificence are magnificent. And this is a magnificent day before you or following you, allowing you to enter into it and come out of the day as a lily-flower or a gladiola or a bleeding heart or a hyacinth or hollyhock or rare lady slipper. Whatever your dress, you go into the night, and the next morning you lift your head again to the sun.

One day after the other is better than a deck of cards with aces.

Isn’t life better than anything else in the world except for Oneness right beneath your Awareness and right under your eyes and under your feet, for Oneness is unfettered and inescapable, and you are a prime example of Oneness even though ego still sticks to you. Ego is fickle and flighty, and you don’t always spot ego until after you have flirted with it. What a come-on ego gives, trying to compete with flowers and the sun and the moon and the stars.

Ego does not remind you of Heaven. It reminds you of glory on Earth which cannot be compared to the Glory of Love in Heaven which also comports itself on Earth. The glory of ego, like ego itself, is false. The Glory of Truth is Heaven, and you do fly here every night. You know Heaven well, yet, it seems to be that only after of the fact of ego, you become aware of the difference between ego and the Glory of Love as it is in Heaven.

And yet you get better at telling the difference. The Glory of Heaven is always glory whereas the glory of ego is a false bravado or a false pat on the head, definitely always a disappointment, never what you thought it would be.

You flail that love lets you down. You have let love down. You asked something of it. You ask love to give to you in a way you have thought of beforehand. You forget that you are to give love and leave it where it lies. You are not to ask a particular of love. You are simply to give love and let love be. Who told you to limit your love and withdraw it for a grade that you give it, for you do not own love, yours or another’s.

You are to be what you are, and that is love. You are love and not something you make of it. For the Love of God, you are the Magnificence of Love, so, Be it.

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Although Heavenletters are copyrighted, you are invited to share them, send them to friends, add to your newsletter, use as a signature, make bumper stickers, skywrite with them – whatever you like, and please include the Source! And, of course, do not charge for them!

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Heavenletter #4984 All That Cannot Be Described By Gloria Wendroff

Gloria WendroffBreathe Me in. With every breath, know you are breathing Me in, for am I not Everything? Am I not the air? If I am the Source of All, I am the Source of Everything and you. Everything meets at the corner with Me. In fact, We don’t meet. We are already met. What can the meaning of Oneness be but that We are One and not more. There really is no meeting, for the meeting was called from the very beginning of Creation.

It can be said that We cannot embrace for We are always in the middle of an embrace. Of course, Oneness is an embrace.

There cannot be separation. There can only be an illusion of separation. I tell you frankly that illusion does not last long. It is a flash in the pan. This illusion has another aspect besides illusion. It has the aspect of your memory of Oneness. At the same time, memory is always there. You have it. Just can’t pull it up for a time. Nothing is forgotten, beloveds. It’s just away for a while.

Everything you discover, you already know. Everything you know, you never did not know. Yes, you learn. Of course, yet that’s on one level alone. On another level, you know all. In the relative world you learn, yet it is really the relative world that is pie in the sky. It is the Unseen world that is never-changing. That is what makes it solid. The Unseen is the Rock of Gibraltar.

Despite gravity, everything in the world is topsy-turvy. At this moment, as the world turns, your feet may be up and your head down, and you’re standing on your head. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because in Heaven terms, there is no space, there are no directions to be in. If I am all-embracing, and I AM, then so are you. There is nowhere to go to and nowhere you have not been. There is no way to describe the Indescribable, now, is there? What you do describe to the best of your ability is that which is imaginary and that which you steer by in the imaginary world. How do you describe Beauty? As best you can with words. You express the Inexpressible as best you can, yet all that is true cannot be described. It can only be known.

Where does that bring Us? Nowhere because there is Nowhere to go to and Nowhere to go away from. And there is No One to show anything to because Oneness is One, and One is not less but greater. Wholeness is more than half-ness. There is actually a bigger piece of pie in the sky, so to speak, for there are no pieces. Only by stretch of imagination are there pieces.

So what are We doing here in this Heavenletter? Nothing. Oh, perhaps idly winding a ball of yarn and unwinding it again.

Nor is there ever truly an occasion for anything because, by the same token, time is not.

So, yes, life in the world, this that you may think I’m flippant about, is hard to put your finger on. The greatest fact in the world is not Truth nor can it be fingered or figurable in Earthen words. Where We really exist has no words, no language but the Language of Love, and, in Truth, the Language of Love is Silent. In Truth, there is no yearning for love, because you are in the midst of it even as you are the Love of God.

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Changes at 7/26 New Moon By Selacia

SelaciaWant to energize a brand-new phase of your life or find increased clarity about something that just ended?

Our new moon on July 26 is an excellent time to put your active focus on brand-new starts and to go within for greater understanding of recent life events. This is especially true for anything that really speaks to your heart and allows you to express yourself in an authentic way.

The key right now, during the time leading up to the new moon and this weekend, is to tune into yourself and the things that help you to connect with your heart and life passion. Similarly, invite your inner wisdom to show you what about the recent past or even the present is getting in the way of your full authentic expression. Contemplate these things now and over the next few days.

Most likely, you have experienced numerous chaotic and perhaps disheartening life events in 2014. If you are like most people, you have had disappointments and felt uncertainty on more than one occasion as you moved through our recent challenging and unpredictable cycles.

Those difficult cycles are part of the package of transformational energies impacting all of humanity during these times. They may seem relentless, but indeed from a higher perspective, their very persistence over time is part of what is helping to shift humanity into the higher frequencies of love. That is what you want, after all, to live in a world where all are valued and honored.

More Gentle Cycles

Amidst the overall mega shift energies of these times are more gentle cycles like the expansion wave that arrived this month. That energy may feel like a soft breeze on your skin, helping you to be more optimistic and connect with opportunities arriving at your door.

Each of those opportunities comes with some kind of change. Your task as a divine changemaker is to make peace with the process of change. That includes the sort of relentless and imminent change that stops the average person from self-actualization.

For the typical person, living with a multitude of imminent changes – many not of his or her invitation – it becomes too much to handle. The overwhelmed person then unconsciously puts up an energetic stop sign to the world and blocks the very opportunities he or she desperately wants.

Look at Yourself Anew

On this new moon, decide that you will look at yourself in a new way, with an updated perspective that factors in your growth and why you are alive now. Certainly, you are not average or typical. You have a unique divine spark to express in ways that no one else can.

You do not need to have the rest of your life planned out to express what makes you distinctive. It is not necessary to have a particular job lined up or to have a soul mate partner at your side to express your gifts either. Do not wait.

Work with what you have. Work with who you are, beyond what the world tells you that you are. Work in a multidimensional way with your timeless eternal self, alive now to offer unique contributions to humanity and the Earth.

Work with your inner wisdom relentlessly. Inquire within regularly, even if you are not conscious of any response. Ask anyway.

Remember: even in the darkest hours there is a light shining and growing brightly. You are that light.