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Making Out With All Of The Upgrades

WordPress-Logo.jpgThose of us who are part of the WordPress community are fully aware of the fact that the Happy Engineers are always doing upgrades and changing the way in which things look and work on WordPress; which most of the times annoy the very Hell out us WordPress users.

Could you imagine what would happen to a WordPress account holder if he or she stayed away from their blog for a month or more? They would be most confused when they logged back in; they might be thinking (or saying aloud), “What in God’s name happened here? How do I go about finding my dashboard?”

Recently, WordPress changed up their notification system and I am one of those people who happen to like it the way it was before.

As a rule, we must not get too accustomed to the way in which the Happy Engineers laid out things, because before we can grow comfortable with the old system, the Happy Engineers are going to change up the look of the user interface slightly or drastically; unfortunately, that is the way the proverbial cookie crumbles on WordPress.

On a positive note, WordPress is always moving forward; it is just that annoyance is the price that we have to pay for progress.

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Photo credit: ymotongpoo_ via photopin cc

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Blogger Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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