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English: Ants

English: Ants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Just Pondering Part 814

Beautiful PenBelieve it or not, there are some young people with some very bad memories (It is not an issue that is exclusive to the elderly).

There is this young woman that I know quite well; her memory is poor.

There was a period in her life when where she lived didn’t have any pipe-borne water; she had to painstakingly have her water delivered to her place via numerous trips with vessels that contained water; this was done by placing the containers of water in the tray compartment of a vehicle, or walking up and down a hill countless times with a bucket in order to fill a large barrel of hers.

One day, she decided to take a bath down the hill (the place where the source of water was) and when she was finished, she forgot her cell phone on the very spot she had placed it and went back up the hill.

Then, there was the time when she forgot her cell phone in a hotel-room in Tobago.

Did she sprain her brain? Hmm. Okay, I wouldn’t go there. But, she surely gives one the impression that her short-term memory is damaged.

Remembering simple things is quite the task for her and she is far from being a senior citizen (I can only imagine what her memory would be like when she finally reaches there; she might not know her ass from her elbow).

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Photo credit: osde8info via photopin cc

Photo credit: osde8info via photopin cc

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