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Drink Deep By Henry Herbert Knibbs

Henry Herbert Knibbs

Never twice in the world you find,
A lad whose heart is the gold you spend,
And his free hand of your heart, in kind,
When the joy of each is to give, not lend:
Yes one shall tarry and one shall sleep,
So while you stand in the sun, drink deep.
Soon, too soon shall the sunlight pass,
And one shall mourn in the starless night,
As he snaps the stem of an empty glass,
That brimmed of old with a brave delight:
And one of you twain must the vigil keep,
So while you stand in the sun, drink deep.

A Case Of Information Overload

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Why Are People Mean?

Just Pondering Part 781

Smartphone.pngI have noticed for quite sometime that most people do not go anywhere without their smartphones (Which is probably Big Brother’s plan all along).

Whether you have realized it or not, we are a society that has grown dependent on smartphones and many of us feel out of sorts when we forget them at home.

Is it because people have grown addicted to social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etcetera?

Smartphones can be heard ringing and beeping off almost anywhere; they can be seen and heard at work places, people’s homes, on public transport, churches, hospitals; they are everywhere you can think of (And, believe it or not, there are those people who even take their smartphones with them to the toilet).

The so-called ones in charge, programmed many of us in such a way that we are always in need of our smartphones and they see to it that we go in drones like mindless zombies to the stores to buy them whenever a newer model comes out.

Although they are a necessity in today’s society, I think that we have placed too much emphasis on the importance of smartphones.

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Revenge Of The Blogger

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Blogging With The Right Mindset

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