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Four Ways Of Regaining Inspiration To Update Your Blog

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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Four Ways Of Regaining Inspiration To Update Your Blog

The Four Levels of Consciousness: Third Eye Chronicles

Just Pondering Part 800

Marbles (Photo credit: Wikepedia)

Marbles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do modern children play with marbles? Well, I would want to believe that a handful of them do.

In my childhood days, it was common for all the boys to have marbles in their possession and everyone of us enjoyed shooting marbles.

As the times changed, children’s choices in toys changed too!

However, if those children are based in the Caribbean, playing with marbles will be passed down from generation to generation; its pleasures would never be forgotten.

Did you ever play with marbles as a child? And, are you willing to teach the younger generation a very old game?

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Brass Spittoons By Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes

Clean the spittoons, boy.
Atlantic City,
Palm Beach.
Clean the spittoons.
The steam in hotel kitchens,
And the smoke in hotel lobbies,
And the slime in hotel spittoons:
Part of my life.
Hey, boy!
A nickel,
A dime,
A dollar,
Two dollars a day.
Hey, boy!
A nickel,
A dime,
A dollar,
Two dollars
Buy shoes for the baby.
House rent to pay.
Gin on Saturday,
Church on Sunday.
My God!
Babies and gin and church
And women and Sunday
All mixed with dimes and
Dollars and clean spittoons
And house rent to pay.
Hey, boy!
A bright bowl of brass is beautiful to the Lord.
Bright polished brass like the cymbals
Of King David’s dancers,
Like the wine cups of Solomon.
Hey, boy!
A clean spittoon on the altar of the Lord.
A clean bright spittoon all newly polished—
At least I can offer that.
Com’mere, boy!

Apple iCloud Hacked Again!

iCloud LogoHere is the link to the latest article on my other blog: Apple iCloud Hacked Again!

Men…And Feelings By Dana Mrkich

Dana MrkichLately I am noticing an increase in the depth of emotion being expressed by men – on social media, within traditional media, and in my circle of family and friends. So many men are stepping up and out, being vulnerable and open-hearted, showing their sensitive, caring, kind, nurturing, protective, wounded, healed and healing selves. I feel so heartened by this. 

Women are expressing more openly too, yet generally speaking we have had other outlets: our friends, sisters, mothers, aunties and our journal if nothing else. This public emotional shift in men that we are seeing is a relatively new thing, and it heralds a much-needed shift regarding acceptance when it comes to feelings being expressed, heard and valued – whether by men or women. 

For too long, our world has been out of balance, as have we within. Generally speaking, we’ve operated with an aggressive masculine and repressed feminine, as a planet and as a people, regardless of gender. We have entered a time now where everything is entering a new balance – as chaotic as it all seems, this is what is happening and indeed chaos is a natural short-term by-product of moving into a state of balance from a state of imbalance. 

So the feminine is regaining her power, and the masculine is stepping into his heart. This is gradually happening within every individual as we all have feminine and masculine energy within us. We will see more and more people in positions of power leading from the heart. We will see more and more heart-centred people facilitating powerful change from a grass-roots level. We are seeing more people reaching out to each other, to connect, to help, to be of support where needed. 

Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15-44, and while there are a multitude of reasons for this, having someone to be able to talk to – and to have that person listen without judgement – is a crucial factor in prevention. 

Today, salute your feelings and those of other people. Have a chat to someone if you need to, and provide an ear to listen for someone who needs it. x

There Are Too Many Fake Comments On Commentluv

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Here is the link to the latest article on my other blog: There Are Too Many Fake Comments On Commentluv