Just Pondering Part 751

At times, it is necessary to partake in peaceful protests in order to get our voices heard.

However, some people have gone about protesting in the wrong way; some protesters burn rubber tyres in the middle of the road, adding pollution to the environment.

As far as I am concerned, Mother Nature treated those people well and out of ignorance, they are polluting her with burnt rubber tyres.

They should remember that the whole idea of a peaceful protest is to capture the attention of those in authority without causing any sort of harm to our fellowmen, or to the environment that you and I are intrinsically a part of.

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9 responses to “Just Pondering Part 751

  1. Yeah that gets me too

  2. The only trouble is, those who are the main focus of the protest will take no notice if a small crowd turns up and quietly and politely make their point before peacefully going home for afternoon tea and biscuits….

    Tyre burning is anti-social, but it does get some attention.
    And if the press report it, the cause gets some airtime…

  3. Very true Renard… Peaceful and respectful to both Man and Nature.. xox

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