Just Pondering Part 713

Parker PenOne would think that once a WordPress blogger was Freshly Pressed, they would have continued in a upward direction where their readership is concerned; but this is seldom the case.

Recently, I went through some blogs that were Freshly Pressed in the past and today, they looked as though most people had forgotten about them.

Although it is nice to have the views of your blog sky-rocketed via Freshly Pressed, I think that it is somewhat hypocritical of some of the people to totally disregard a person’s blog because it is no longer in the limelight.

Unfortunately, most people tend to like you and follow your works when you are popular; but when that popularity fades away, they are gone faster than you can blink your eyes.

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17 responses to “Just Pondering Part 713

  1. Well my fantastic blog has never been freshly pressed they seem to pick blogs of a secular nature.

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  7. I follow blogs that continue to hold my interest (like yours), that are quality writing, that teach me new things, or inform me about the world. Sometimes I start following blogs of people who follow me, but many I stop – some because they blog too much or the blogs are too long. Don’t follow freshly pressed.

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