Just Pondering Part 642

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses model RB3025 004/58.

Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses model RB3025 004/58. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every so often, I would check my spam folder to see what Akismet captured (And, I do find interesting things there; they are mostly things pertaining to SEO).

Recently, I read a spam message; it was one that was trying to entice someone into purchasing Ray-Ban replicas (Now, why would I want to buy fake Ray-Ban sunglasses? Sorry, I would prefer to buy the real thing and besides, I can’t tell you the last time I wore sunglasses).

Although I do find some of those spam messages interesting, I think that I shouldn’t be receiving any type of spam and I would like to thank the Akismet team for a job well done.

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6 responses to “Just Pondering Part 642

  1. It´s especiall in our both cased very funny due to the fact that we have multiple subjects on our blogs. They have a software and seek for domains with particular topics that fit to their spam links.

    In some cases it might work on a niche blog as the comment might be very targeted to the blog content and the administrator could fall into the trap then. But the spam comments are often very misplaced on a blog with various topics.

    I´ve seen funny spam comments about anything but they are often very unrelated to my articles. Akismes is indeed great and I trust the anti spam tool but as a second security layer, I proof each comment too before publishing any comment. There is now really a very tiny chance that spam can come through :D But it´s still amusing if spammers try it with their bots tools and proxies :)

    It´s also amusing due to the fact that I know a little bit about SEO and running a bot is the worst thing they can do, unless they want to kill their Google visibility or getting caught by Akismet. You can get an impression on the auctions platform Fiverr… lot´s of so called “SEO experts” sell their services there and the customers will just pay 5 dollars, for let me say “a few thousand comments or backlinks” but later you will find them howling in any SEO forum, that their website has been penalized by Google. To be honest, it´s very amusing. Still had this on my to do list for the future, it´s an article worth. :D

  2. Indeed, rarely does a Spam message seep through to my blog.

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