WordPress Accidents

In favour

In favour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Earlier on, I was browsing through a blog of a person whom I do not see on a regular basis; their article was enjoyable and I pressed, LIKE.

Being me, I read the blogger’s comments thread; I also enjoyed them; the rating feature was enabled (the one where you either click on the thumbs up or the thumbs down) and I accidentally clicked on the thumbs down); I rectified that by clicking on the thumbs up icon (After all, it was my intention to give the comment a thumbs up). However, I felt badly for making such a mistake.

The thumbs up or the thumbs down rating has been out for years; I am familiar with it; yet for some unknown reason, I fouled up and pressed the wrong thing.

Anyway, I am human and there are times when I may find myself making errors; although this is part of being human, I hate making them.

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12 responses to “WordPress Accidents

  1. Great post. I identify with the reaction to making a mistake. If there was a thumbs up here, I would give you one.

  2. That’s the problem sometimes with living in the clickable universe, isn’t? It is so easy to send something off, but one cannot take it back. And then one sits there in front of the screen and tries to disappear into nothingness out of embarrassment … ;-) But everyone makes mistakes, and I found that most of the times other people are much more forgiving than oneself.
    By the way: Merry Christmas!

  3. Wait till your my age and start sending the same post 4 times in 5 minutes!

  4. I’m always making mistakes, good post…Namasté

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