I LOVE Quietude

Quietude / Quietness

Quietude / Quietness (Photo credit: Adriano Aurelio Araujo)

There is nothing quite refreshing like being submerged in quiet surroundings; one can recharge themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually in such an environment.

Unfortunately, there are those who equate quietude with boredom; they are the ones who feel tortured when they are faced with their own thoughts.

I am of the opinion that we are blessed with the grand opportunity to contemplate or meditate whenever we are deep within a quiet location.

I have known for quite a long time that noise saps our energy and the average person seems to be addicted to noise; whether it is the sound of a blaring radio or television set, or engaging in the very act of speaking loudly.

Hopefully, in time to come, they may develop an appreciation for quietude in the same way that connoisseurs developed an appreciation for fine wine.

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6 responses to “I LOVE Quietude

  1. I will definitely will be back for more. Hugs, Barbara

  2. A peacefulness goes with living in the country. There are times when its so quiet you can hear a whisper. At night, the only things you hear are the the frogs, crickets and perhaps the coyotes having a party. Their songs play against the silence of the night. Its a beautiful thing to hear.
    The first thing in the morning, early as the sun is starting to rise there is stillness. You may hear a cow or two moo occasionally. I smile and think, good morning to you. I watch as the colors painting across the sky rise above the tree line.
    Sitting under the apple tree during the late morning or afternoon looking at the trees, there are usually birds flying around, or singing. Depending on the time of year, there are sometimes flying lessons going on with the babies.
    The silence surrounds you… fills you. I love the solitude. A gentle breeze, and its just enough to persuade the chimes to play. Its the perfect place to read a good book. Maybe a kitten will walk up, wanting to be petted, or to sit in your lap. The quietness is always an invitation for going inward and meditating on the Divine. Being at peace, feeling the oneness with God and nature. I give thanks to Thee everyday dear Lord.

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