Is Akismet Sleeping On The Job?

AkismetFor the past few days, I have noticed that a lot of spam slipped through the spam filter.

Is spam getting more innovative? Or, does Akismet need updating?

Many of us agree that spam is annoying (And WordPress is aware of our concerns. Maybe, the WordPress engineers need to send a memo to the Akismet engineers, letting them know that their spam filter isn’t working the way it used to).

Have you noticed the same thing? Or, am I the only one who is experiencing this strange ordeal?

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8 responses to “Is Akismet Sleeping On The Job?

  1. I’ve had one or two slip through

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  3. My posts about spam seem to especially attract the Spam-Chimps.

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  5. I had noticed the problem of SPAM getting though, but seems resolved now.

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