Oppression In The Workplace

I have witnessed with my own eyes the petty victimisation carried out by supervisors; they gave certain employees of theirs a hard time because they hated them for some reason.

Then there are those who are good with the managers; they carry all sorts of news back to the manager about one or a few of the employees and the manager sees to it that those employees who the informer spoke about are given tough tasks at work to do (which is not within their work portfolio or their workloads are increased) or if they are hourly paid workers, the manager would do his or her part to have those employees’ working hours shortened.

Some of those who are victimised are aware of their rights, so they take legal action against the company in which they are employed. Whereas, some simply leave and find jobs elsewhere.

Luckily, oppression doesn’t happen in every work environment.

However, it is my belief that oppression in the work place should not be tolerated. A person should write a letter or send an email to their human resources manager explaining their situation and if that doesn’t work, one can take it to another level by taking legal action against the company.

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60 responses to “Oppression In The Workplace

  1. I have been the target of bullying managers when I first started in work. I have met good and bad managers and this wisdom serves me well now I am self employed.

  2. So very true..in a lot of ways work ismjust like high school with cliques and so forth. People so often victimise and criticize others to make themselves feel better or powerful…such a hollow thing. Good on you for shining a light on this issue.

  3. “They” are everywhere !

  4. yes, it is true …the things you write…and i thought the “chalkboard background” was totally appropriate! I was a teacher for 36 years–and damn good if I do say so myself, and it was “oppression” that stopped my life…my life as a teacher…and I have seen it happen to many of my fellow worthy teachers—if you care about kids, you are eliminated…i fought for 7 years…then the union was destroyed by Gov. Walker…if people only knew and really understood what is happening in schools…hopefully, they would fight for their children!

  5. I work for a law firm. There are several individuals who have threatened lawsuits over trivial made up things (the single most frightening prospect to any attorney). Therefore, those individuals get catered to and get whatever they want (including hardly ever doing any work). One of them was even bought off — she got a generous severance package just to get the hell out. She did absolutely nothing except use the color copier to print recipes and threaten to sue the firm by going as far hiring a lawyer. Even though it was a bogus charge, law firms don’t want the publicity and they will pay just to make it go away. To those of us that work hard, this practice feels like passive-aggressive abuse and we feel like chumps. The bottom line is, you have to be wired a certain way to seek out frivolous lawsuits. I guess you hit a nerve with this post!

  6. Always an important awareness … interesting. And, thanks for the visit and like on my blog.

  7. Reblogged this on moon soup (no bowl, no moon) and commented:
    This is a subject close to my heart. Mobbing, oppression and shunning of co-workers who have mental illness are rampant.

  8. Ah, that makes for a very awful workplace.

  9. Hi…reread your article. You suggested contacting the Human Resource Manager to lodge complaints against the Administrator. In my experience, the HR person is working for the management, NOT for the employee. It is a wonderful title, but the Human Resource Manager does NOT care about the employees.

  10. powerful stuff my friend. Thanks for following Dunkin Skids. Stay tune for their is more to come

  11. I sometimes wish I had done that.

  12. This is so true! I would like to think you can always go to a “higher up”, but that is not always the case in some companies.

  13. Good supervisors are the ones who consider their workforce and their force to multiply their business besides multiplying the welfare quotients of the workforce.

    A very insightful one.

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  15. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez

    That kind of behavior does happen but many hourly wage employees will look for other work before seeking the legal solution simply because they do not have the money. It would be wonderful if employers inspired mutual support rather than backstabbing and undermining.

  16. Sad, but bullying does not stop after adolescence :(

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Oppression in the workplace exists because it works. It feeds the small-mindedness of the oppressors. To change things it has to stop working, so yes, if you see it or experience it, you should call it out.

  18. www.juliegum.wordpress.com

    Hi there, thank you for stopping my blog. I’m currently going through difficult times because I resigned a few weeks ago and your blog is a God send!

  19. Hi, I was a target, too. At the beginning I did not see it. But it became obviously.
    Two of my collegues told my Boss such things as “I made knee bows (I sat for a long time, and I feeled that the blood did not circulate in my legs properly. So I made some knee bows indeed.) My Boss invited me and told me that the working space is not to be used for sport. We had 28° Celsius – it was very hot, and I sweated. The next day my Boss invited me and told me that a collegue had written a letter to him (of course anonymously) that I sweat. My boss proposed to use deotorant.
    One day the others told jokes to each other, I spoke a poem, because I did not know a joke I could tell. Next day my Boss called me and said that it is no time for poems, and it would be better not to speak any private words at the working place.

    I was unemployed before for a year, so I tried not to do my best and to work properly, but I began to make more and more mistakes. It was very hard to care for every word and not to speak.
    My team leader told me all I had to know, about 4 hours. I asked to speak slowlyer, so I could write down the essential topics. The team leader said, that I should remember rather than writing down, because I would not find it again in my writings.
    I had no real chance.
    I could not sleep, woke up at night after one or two hours, so I was tired at work but at the same time very active.

    After 5 months I was fired. The boss did not even write a document that I worked (“Arbeitszeugnis”). He said if he would, I could not use it.

    I went to the doctor. They stabilized my psychological state.

    In the jobs before I did not have any problems. Now I am in psychological treatment. I never had such problems before.

  20. All of this struck a chord with me. I have been the target of bully bosses and managers and I also know the feeling of being targeted. Sometimes, companies zero in on a particular employee and try to make their working life as miserable as possible in order to get them to quit. They do that obviously so the company won’t have to pay unemployment benefits and so the person would have less of a legal case if they try to sue. Some company cultures are just broken, and there’s no way to fix it; thus, the individual simply must leave. That’s easier said than done, especially when you have bills to pay and kids to support. It’s notably difficult in a dire economy, as we’re experiencing here in the U.S.

    I have to disagree with you on one note: human resources is not an employee’s friend. Their primary purpose is to find the best individuals for the company. But, they also serve to maintain order within the workplace. If management perceives a particular employee to be problematic, HR will team up with them to eliminate that employee. I’ve known people in the past who contacted HR for a variety of reasons, only to be forced out one way or another. Again, it goes back to the company’s culture.

  21. Unfortunately people bringing their own personal baggage, either adding to an already troublesome mix, or screwing up a relatively peaceful grouping.

  22. everytime I had full time jobs I would sink into deep depressions, for many of reasons you speak of… that’s why I followed the artistic path and would rather be a bit more hungry at times.. but always a victim of my own situation and not the shortcomings or problems of others

  23. I have taken legal action against oppressive bosses in the workplace its a gruelling process – I actually won 3 court hearings but the easiest way to deal with it is probably to just leave but some people dont have much choice and just stick it out….

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    I have endured much oppression in the workplace.

  25. The Doctor is in

    They’re teachers, teaching us that every moment is a moment to be thankful.

  26. I remember when I worked for a Nursing Service as a Home Care Aide altho I was actually a Nursing Assistant. One of my clients wit Parkinson’s was on 3 meds & given a 4th. She told me of some odd side effects so I wrote down the name of med & went to Library to the medical books. (a time b4 computers). I found out that 4th med coupled with the other 3 meds could cause heart attacks/death in elderly. I called this into the Nursing service. I took the info to the client. She stopped 4th med & called the Doctor. Turned out I was correct to tell her to stop that 4th med & to call Doctor. Well the Doctor called my Superviser & tried to have me fired because …wait for it… ” I had meddled in the Doctor’s business…”
    My Superviser & I had a frank discussion & I told her to go ahead & fire me as I would go to Labour Board & the Nursing Board. She backed down. She told me if I ran into another problem like this again to come to her…funny thing as I had done that…..The Docotr was the bully in this situation & as the years went by I found out he bullied alot of the Nursing staff in the Nursing services….I don’t miss him one bit ;)

  27. sadly many HR departments are often a joke as well.

  28. Yes Renard! You raise a pertinent issue here. It’s common in offices. I experienced it. I was a victim. Today as a Manager I have the opportunity to do differently and that is what I try to do.There is another side to it. Some workers also give their bosses hard times deliberately. The workplace should be a family where there is love, understanding and harmony.

  29. I am a dedicated student in my college years. I was glad to enter the workforce and start in my field of interest. When I worked at these starting positions, trainers don’t really want to train me. They are afraid that I am taking over their duties, and they will be closer to be getting removed. So, I was told that I was too slow, incapable, have no communication, leadership, or any qualities whatsoever in formal ratings. I take it as a personal insult. BTW, I was a biochemistry major with good grades, and I speak three languages. I’ve had leadership skills form the military. So it is not the case that I am stupid. People refuse to speak to me as if I am not worthy to talk to. The manager occasionally brings me to HR to cite me for petty things like, “a lack of organization.” Coworkers always try to find something to get mad or blame me for. Eventually, I didn’t intend to argue with them, because I can’t fight with everyone. I needed a job, and plus I’m not there to make enemies. Eventually I was forced to resign. I’ve been working at my new job now, and the politics are just about the same. People try to make you believe you are stupid, not worthy, try to get you to quit. The manager gives you bad ratings, don’t train you properly, and say that you are too slow, incapable of learning. Anyone ever try to express their opinion at work, or at least try to be themselves? Sometimes I just want to kill myself. I don’t think America is a good place to have children, because your kids will grow up around in this abusive world. No one cares.

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