Just Pondering Part 247

I have noticed as we approach closer to the Christmas Season, I no longer see regular posts from some people on WordPress; I will admit that many of us are very busy during this period.

Although it would be a nice thing to peruse regular posts from you all on WordPress, I am not holding a figurative gun against your heads in order for you all to do so. I am leaving it upon everyone to post when they perceive it to be appropriate.

Promise me that you would not abandon your readers (There are those who haven’t posted a thing since August and I have a very strong suspicion that their WordPress  accounts have been abandoned by their owners).

I will be checking up on you all and I have a feeling that you all would be checking up on me as well.

Blogging can be a sacrifice at times; however, it is always a worthy one to make.

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13 responses to “Just Pondering Part 247

  1. some people start blogging and after a while they just find something more inspiring to do, i mean, like blog is not “their thing” :)

  2. I nearly gave up in March .. so glad I didn’t :-)

  3. We try……… Keeping abreast of each others every post for me is almost impossible… But I do like to keep in touch as often as time allows….Especially when some post every day and more often…
    Glad you keeping an Eye on the situation ;-)
    Enjoy your weekend Renard…

  4. Hi. I’ll be posting. It’s Advent!!! And thank you for coming by!

  5. Blogging has given me so much happiness, I will certainly continue. When it is busy I will not pressure myself though and blog when I have time. If you set yourself under preassure you will not enjoy it os much! Even if I don’t post I like to read! I do like you rpondering…makes me think!

  6. And then there are those of us like me (lol) who blog almost everyday…. and usually about something no one would care about… LOL :D But you’re right… I’ve had several just disappear into space… a goodby would have been nice… :D

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