Let Them Try Your Patience

Once you have associated yourself with people, you would know without a doubt that there are some of them who are good at pushing your proverbial buttons. It might me a colleague at work, a family member, or some stranger that you have encountered on the street.

The fact of the matter is: once we become agitated by the words or actions of others, it is a sign to us that we need to work on our composure; we need to master tranquillity.

Think about the numerous times when your anger got you into trouble (And I am sure that you can remember many instances when you lost your cool). Now, here are questions that I would present to you: Was it all called for? Was it necessary to have done the things — especially those things that got you into a whole lot of trouble? And, could you have handled the situation differently?

From experience, the best of decisions were made when my mind was clear and not when I am ill-tempered; it shouldn’t be hard to know that anger can influence outcomes negatively.

Thumbs up to the person who came up with the concept of Taking A Timeout. We need to walk away, or find a method to distract ourselves from such anger.

Breathing exercises, calm contemplation and meditation can help us acquire that tranquil state of mind.

I like looking at it this way: if I have allowed someone to steal my peace of mind, it means that I truly need to do some psychological and spiritual work on myself; when that happens it is always a great idea to thank that person silently or aloud for the revelation.

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26 responses to “Let Them Try Your Patience

  1. I’ve always preferred the time out method….It helps to put things into perspective and also allows me to see if it really is worth me getting upset or angry over…. once I have thought it over I try to deal with it in a calm and (hopefully) rational way – life is too short to let fly with anger and hurtful speech…

  2. True true true!

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  4. Robert James Nielsen

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. You do great work, keep up the posts!

  5. You’re so wise Renard x

  6. Very deep insight indeed, I agree totally. Believe it or not I was once verbally abused (by a person that was intent on stirring me up) because I walked away without a comment. To me the spoken word can never be unsaid. This person was very put out because they thought I should have stood my ground and argued. I was not guilty of doing any wrong so I did not feel I had to defend myself. Frustration plus to the one who would stamp on my serenity :)

  7. and lay for them a snare so they think twice beore stabbing the next guy

  8. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    This is hard to accept while we are irked but so useful to contemplate ahead of time;-)

  9. This i a great post!
    Training yourself not to react to anyone’s irritants and keeping peace inside, while someone is trying to bug you, may be quite a challenge.
    But as any other challenge, it actually helps us work on our traits and therefore promotes our further self-development!
    I’m really thankful to all my former energy vampires for making me an expert in emotional endurance and inner tranquility ;) Hahaha ;))

  10. If angry, time out is good, words or actions out of anger can rarely be taken back.

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