The Low-Tech Experiment


When was the last time that you composed a post in an old-fashioned manner?

I found out that up to this day, there are those who write their articles on a paper-notepad (The kind that they used while they were in school), with a pen or a pencil.

For the sake of experimentation, I decided to do this post in a similar manner; I didn’t use a notepad, but I wrote my words down on a blank sheet of photocopying-paper (It felt odd, but I enjoyed looking at my handwriting); the last time that I did that was when I misplaced my smartphone.

I think that the cumbersome aspect of it all is: transferring what you have written on paper by typing its content on the computer or smartphone.

One thing I know for sure is: I have no intentions of repeating this experiment anytime soon!

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22 responses to “The Low-Tech Experiment

  1. I did enjoy your post but I will say that I do keep a ‘hand-written journal” by my bed where I do handwrite my thoughts about the day and so forth, having done this since I was a teenager I’m pretty sure that I will always do so.

  2. That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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  3. Yes, handwriting things out sound good prior to starting but I like you, soon discover the thrill was only in my mind. :D

  4. as a reporter I have to take notes the old-fashioned way and in writing that is really messy as I have to write fast and sometimes when writing up a news stories I have to kind of translate what I have written – that is enough of the old fashioned way for me–I will never compose by hand again –in fact I have rarely done this in the past, even for papers in university – I used a typewriter and erasable bond

  5. I appreciate the speed with which I can type my thoughts. That said, I still appreciate receiving and sending hand written notes and letters. The more obsolete this practice becomes, the more I have come to appreciate it..

  6. My handwriting is so bad I am forced to write in italics just to be able to read it for myself. Or maybe I am writing in proto-Hebrew and didn’t know it? I hate re-typing and don’t think long hand will gain traction with me anytime soon.

  7. There is a flow from brain to hand in writing. Sometimes I do. Most often I use my computer.

  8. I reflect your attitude to this. All that has been done is creating a copy of a copy, which is burdensome.

  9. Technology got us spoilt, eh?
    I’m a student, so writing down notes and preparing assignments are part of the parcel.
    My handwriting shape-shifts sometimes.

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