Just Pondering Part 157

There are times when I think that people want you to lie to them even though they have asked for your honest opinion. For example: Your companion asks if a certain piece of clothing makes them look fat. You blurt out, “Yes,” and a domestic war starts brewing (So much for telling the darn truth).

Why do some people find the truth so hurtful? Maybe, it is because our version of it differs from theirs.

After all, someone’s truth is really their own perception of something.

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9 responses to “Just Pondering Part 157

  1. when I ask something like that, I always preface it with — you know of course I want you to lie to me – this has saved my marriage

  2. Sometimes truth can be over-rated. Kindness trumps truth at times.

  3. I have been loved and not so loved because of honesty. :)

  4. There is no absolute truth, really.
    Never thought of things that way. We’re one bunch of complicated creatures, aren’t we?

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