The Avocado Snapshot

Today, I made it my priority to share this picture of a few of the avocados from my avocado tree. I LOVE avocados and I am sure that there are some of you out there who enjoy the taste of this fruit too.

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14 responses to “The Avocado Snapshot

  1. Great avocado tree, nice fruit and nice picture.. :-)

  2. I love avocados–You have a tree – how wonderful

  3. I love avocados too. Especially in guacamole which I love but too much so. Is an avocado actually a fruit? Is that a sort of tomato thing where they can’t make up their minds how to classify it?

  4. De-licious and Nu-tritious!!

  5. [ Laughs ] Steven, the only fruit that comes to mind with your description, is the strawberry.

  6. I’ve managed to grow mini avocado trees fro their stones but sadly they always die… probably just as well because I think they grow enormous… and also probably need a hotter climate than we have!! Nice to see your photo, thanks!

  7. I love avacados. I like them plain and in salads especially wth walnuys.

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