Paul Still Rocks

Ex-Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney gave a fabulous performance at the London Olympic Games last night.

His cover of the band Arctic Monkeys’ hit, “Come Together” was accepted well by the viewing and listening audience.

He also sang some old hits that were made popular by his old former band, The Beatles; those songs were: “The End” and “Hey Jude”.

His daughter, Stella McCartney watched on while he played sitting at the grand piano.

It is sure nice to see that the 70 year-old musician is still capable of bringing the house down with great performances.

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10 responses to “Paul Still Rocks

  1. Was the one-finger salute a sly slap or unintended? He is certainly talented though.

  2. Yes, yes it is! :)

  3. The whole Opening Ceremony blew me away. Paul was one of many good aspects to it.

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