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A Message For My Readers

I must admit that blogging is a lot of fun and it will always be.

One of the main aspects of blogging is: responding to the comments of one’s readers. Due to the fact that I would be heavily engaged in personal projects in the upcoming months (Which would require my undivided attention), I would not be in a position to respond to your comments promptly; I promise that I would respond to your comments at an allotted time during the day.

You can rest assured, that the posting of articles will not be affected.

I genuinely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

A Simple Leaf

We all know that beauty comes in various aspects; whether it is a tree or a flower.

Today, I wanted to share with you, another random shot of mines. Enjoy!

Just Pondering Part 157

There are times when I think that people want you to lie to them even though they have asked for your honest opinion. For example: Your companion asks if a certain piece of clothing makes them look fat. You blurt out, “Yes,” and a domestic war starts brewing (So much for telling the darn truth).

Why do some people find the truth so hurtful? Maybe, it is because our version of it differs from theirs.

After all, someone’s truth is really their own perception of something.

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The Low-Tech Experiment


When was the last time that you composed a post in an old-fashioned manner?

I found out that up to this day, there are those who write their articles on a paper-notepad (The kind that they used while they were in school), with a pen or a pencil.

For the sake of experimentation, I decided to do this post in a similar manner; I didn’t use a notepad, but I wrote my words down on a blank sheet of photocopying-paper (It felt odd, but I enjoyed looking at my handwriting); the last time that I did that was when I misplaced my smartphone.

I think that the cumbersome aspect of it all is: transferring what you have written on paper by typing its content on the computer or smartphone.

One thing I know for sure is: I have no intentions of repeating this experiment anytime soon!

Just Pondering Part 156

It is no secret that WordPress users are plagued by spam. Although spam is illegal in certain places, these mischievous people are not deterred by the law; they send out their spam-bots to frustrate millions of internet users around the world.

Now, what if some genius came up with a spam-bot program that fooled the system into thinking that the user was human? Do you think that Akismet will still pick up on it? It might, since some of the spammers are actually human.

I have to admit that spam is annoying and that those spam creators will continue to find innovative ways to annoy us.

Here is an amazing thought: What if an authorized governmental agency had anti-spam-bots at their disposal; which would be used to combat those very troublesome spam-bots? It would make life easier for us internet users.

I have mentioned to some of you in the past that I also have a blog on Google’s Blogger; I have never received any spam on it (Which goes to show that Google is doing something right)! Maybe, Google can send out a patent for their software that destroys spam to website developers.

Although there is no easy solution around this, it is highly possible to combat spam.

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Hmmm Facebook Part 22

In the past, Facebook was rather exciting; it was much simpler back then.

These days, I don’t post as much on it like I did in the years gone by (No, I haven’t neglected my Facebook account. I simply keep the posting at a minimum).

I know of people who deactivated their Facebook accounts, because they grew tired of them.

Although Facebook is not as exciting as before, I am not going to deactivate my account like the others. After all, it is a wonderful medium in which one can exchange ideas with like-minded people.

I have made the observation that since Facebook launched their Timeline, some people began using their Facebook accounts to a lesser extent.

I have also noticed that people are still adding me to groups, even though, in the past, I asked them not to; the same thing applies to games requests. Sorry! I have no intentions of playing games online!

However, I have to admit that I am curious as to how Facebook will evolve in the Future.

The Avocado Snapshot

Today, I made it my priority to share this picture of a few of the avocados from my avocado tree. I LOVE avocados and I am sure that there are some of you out there who enjoy the taste of this fruit too.

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How Much Is Really Too Much?


Recently, I talked with a few of my fellow bloggers concerning this very topic; there were numerous views; all of which varied from each other.

There are those who believe that a person should not send out more than four posts daily on their blog.

Then, there are others who believe that one post daily should suffice.

Now, to be honest with you, there are no rules set in stone in regards as to how many times we should update the posts on our blogs. However, I would recommend using some commonsense in this area. It is obvious that you wouldn’t go over the limit to tire out your readers; you may run the risk of burning them out and some may even choose to stop following your blog as the result of your minor annoyance (For some people, it may turn out to be a major one).

Moderation is the key; it is never good to overdo a good thing, because it may backfire on you.

I have to admit, that there are many talented bloggers who are gifted at pleasing their followers with many posts on a daily basis.

Your intuition will let you know the amount of posts that are suitable for you to send out on a daily basis.

I am one of those people who would allow their intuition to let them know when it is time to stop; so far, it has worked out to my benefit.

You would know what is right for you!

There are those people who post once every three days.

You also have those who update their blogs weekly.

To be safe, I would recommend not to be erratic. For example: if your followers expect two posts from you daily, don’t ever make the mistake of giving them one weekly; you would be asking for trouble if you did that.

In the end, the final decision is yours to make.

Paul Still Rocks

Ex-Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney gave a fabulous performance at the London Olympic Games last night.

His cover of the band Arctic Monkeys’ hit, “Come Together” was accepted well by the viewing and listening audience.

He also sang some old hits that were made popular by his old former band, The Beatles; those songs were: “The End” and “Hey Jude”.

His daughter, Stella McCartney watched on while he played sitting at the grand piano.

It is sure nice to see that the 70 year-old musician is still capable of bringing the house down with great performances.

Creative Or Crazy?

For some strange reason, my dog, Princess, is not too fond of bathing. She would usually hesitate to get wet.

When I turned on the water to bathe her, I started singing in a soothing manner and I smiled at her to let her know that everything was alright; it worked; she was relatively calm throughout her bath. Under normal circumstances, she would run away, before the bathing procedure could be finished — like a con making a prison break!

Singing can really have a positive effect on animals.

While I sang soothingly to my dog, I reminisced about Alex’s situation; he wanted to photograph some cows, but they were too far away. Alex knowing quite well that cows are endowed with highly sensitive hearing, sang to them from a distance; they came closer to hear his voice, enabling him the opportunity to acquire the much needed pictures of those cows.

I was thinking: if a person was startled by a wild animal in the forest, they should utilize their voice by making soothing sounds instead of screaming frantically (Now, I cannot guarantee you that this method would actually work with bears).

I am of the belief that certain frequencies of sound can have a negative or a positive effect upon all living organisms. It was even alleged during the Biblical period that David’s harp-playing was capable of soothing the most vicious of beasts.

In my humble opinion, I think that this is something that everyone should look into.