Keeping Cool With Laundry

Today, was a rather hot day in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The temperature was at a scorching 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Whenever it gets hot, our natural instinct is to find a method that cools us down.

When I was a child, I would find any excuse to play in water, even if it meant doing the dishes.

As an adult, I can engage myself in laundry (Another excuse to play in water. Besides, I acquire nice-smelling, clean clothes when the process is finished).

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8 responses to “Keeping Cool With Laundry

  1. We have had a cool high of 113 degrees fahrenheit for the last 2 days and we are to retain that until Tuesday when we have a dramatic cool down to low 90’s. That is Kentucky USA

  2. We hit 116 yesterday. I think at some point your brain begins to melt. LOL

  3. bxhnohurkissmen1988

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