Just Pondering Part 136

I have seen drivers use their cell phones without the aid of their hands-free device; this is not only wrong, it is illegal!

Some have even taken it a step further by texting while driving (A very dangerous practice that is still being perpetrated by many drivers).

Why the blatant disregard for the their life and the lives of others?

Many of them who engage themselves in this sort of practice believe that they can do it without creating any catastrophe on their behalf; although their intention is not a sinister one, they risk perilous outcomes.

Drivers need to be fully focused on their driving.

I would like all drivers to follow the law and utilize their God-given commonsense whenever they are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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4 responses to “Just Pondering Part 136

  1. Here in Kentucky not only do they text and chat but they all do a lot of drinking and driving. At times I feel so unsafe to even go out during the day. Also they do a lot of drugs. I hate it!!!!!!

  2. [ Smiles ] Don’t give up on your community. I am sure that there are law abiding citizens who live within it.

    Thanks again for your input, Beatrix.

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