Madonna Is Busy As Ever

Last night in Tel Aviv, Madonna performed in front of 33000 people.

The 53-year-old singer, carried out a two-hour concert at Ramat Gan Stadium; she sang a compilation of songs from her new album MDNA as well as some of her older hits.

Madonna also did her rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.”

Madonna’s MDNA world tour will come to an end in December.

Best of luck to you, Madonna!

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21 responses to “Madonna Is Busy As Ever

  1. This lady has been around like forever, and is still beautiful.

  2. retrocharmstar

    I saw her in concert about 4 years ago. She was amazing.

  3. I saw her 9/13 two days after the atrocity of September 11.

  4. Love her! I still remember practicing the routine to “Lucky Star” in my basement when I was in high school.

  5. She is a great performer and clever at evolving herself for staying power! She recently performed in Nice.

  6. I saw Madonna on 11/13 in Madison Square Garden in NYC , I have followed her my entire life. I was horrified at the bloody opening of her show.Complete with mammoth constant blood splatters across the screen and finally bang – bang- one of her faux dancers was dead..Then she kicked him. Is this the kind of shock value that she now needs to wield as her latest reincarnation??? A lot of people left during the first act..I waited but the acoustics ($650.00 per seat ) were so bad that I left at the second act….This “MDNA” should come to an end NOW. It’s beyond bad. I am sorry- I never say negative things but I had to write it.

    • [ Smiles ] For the record, I am not in any way displeased with you. After all, I encourage freedom of speech.

      Thank you for voicing your opinion.

      • I was very very disappointed after being a fan from the big 80″s – I also encourage freedom of speech but it is ultra polite here …Kathryn

      • [ Smiles ] Kathryn, I prefer to handle things in a polite manner. My philosophy is: “Treat others the way in which you would like to be treated.”

        In regards to Madonna, maybe that was just one of her off days. I remembered seeing a live performance from her in the past on television which I thought was terrible. Then there were those that I thought was fantastic.

  7. She’s an excellent performer.

  8. She set a very bad example for a young audience – yes her old music will live on forever and I love it but I am no longer the fan that I was.

  9. No matter what anyone thinks of her, she is one heck of a survivor, and has my admiration..!

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