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Just Pondering Part 138

How many times have you encountered a very long post? Did you change your mind about reading it? Or, did you read every word without hesitation?

I have to admit that long posts are not for everyone — it can be a very cumbersome task for most people to read a post that comprises of over 500 words.

These days, there are a lot of people who are into managing their time wisely; they devote a certain amount of their time to surfing the internet (The chances of these people reading long posts are rather slim).

Honestly speaking, if I am pressed for time and I noticed that your post was of a lengthy nature, I would bookmark it, so it could be read whenever I have free time on my hands.

The irony is: there is a market out there for everyone; it caters for those who like short posts and also for those who enjoy long posts.

For the record, there are those who can get away with writing long posts; their devoted readers know what to expect and they enjoy every word.

Yes, I do read long posts from various people and I enjoyed reading their articles; people like Wes Annac and Fran Zepeda are great at it; most of their information are of a channelled nature and every word matters (In my opinion, it would be rude to edit the important messages that were relayed by the Pleiadian High Council, Yeshua, Sananda and the Galactic Federation).

Then there are those who seem to try our patience by elaborating about nothing.

Obviously, you would know a high quality post when you encounter it; it would be one where the information provided was most beneficial to you (In that case, it wouldn’t have mattered to you if it was long or short).

Just Pondering Part 137

I have always wondered: how many bloggers visit the blogs of their followers?

I may not be able to speak for the other bloggers, but I can certainly speak for myself by saying, “I enjoy checking out the blogs of those who chose to follow mine.”

I always entertain myself and learn something new whenever I visit their blogs; the sad thing is: some of them don’t update their blog regularly and I was even shocked when I found out that a few of my followers deleted their blogs.

Then there are those without blogs; these people simply registered their Gravatar so they could follow their favourite blogs, comment on them, rate them and “Like” them.

It is always a good idea to surprise your followers by paying their blogs a visit; it shows them that you really care and that you have an interest in their work.

Always show genuine interest in your readers, because without them, you wouldn’t be where you are today!

Nature’s Splendid Design

All leaves have that uniqueness to them. When we are out into Nature paying attention to it, we get to see how diverse Mother Nature can be when it comes to the design of leaves.

This one proved a little tricky to photograph since it was swaying in the wind; I got the job done anyway. Enjoy!

Statistics Checkers

Are you one of those people who constantly check their statistics whenever you are online?

Very often, I encounter comments about people who check their statistics regularly; I encountered this while browsing through WordPress.

Honestly speaking, I would check my statistics out of curiosity; I see nothing wrong in doing so, because it is a nice way to see how well you are doing. The problem arises when checking your statistics becomes an addiction. There are those who would pull their hair out from off of their head if they didn’t know how many people visited their site for the day; I perceive this to be rather crazy.

Once your blog contains great content, why should you be bothered?

Unfortunately, there are countless people who are afflicted with obsessive compulsive disorder.

Keeping Cool With Laundry

Today, was a rather hot day in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The temperature was at a scorching 33 degrees Celsius (91.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Whenever it gets hot, our natural instinct is to find a method that cools us down.

When I was a child, I would find any excuse to play in water, even if it meant doing the dishes.

As an adult, I can engage myself in laundry (Another excuse to play in water. Besides, I acquire nice-smelling, clean clothes when the process is finished).

Some Nice Tips For Old And New Bloggers Part 4

Well, you have got to really enjoy the blogging experience in order to partake in it on a regular basis.

A figurative thumbs up to those of you who have been giving it your best effort.

For most people, it would be in their best interest to limit or totally avoid distractions (When you get good at it, you would be able to do it under any conditions; sirens, car-horns and the incessant barking of a dog will not be able to keep you from writing).

So, if you are just starting out, quietude will help you out a lot.

One method that could help you greatly is: being original. Remember, there is no one on the planet who thinks and does things in the way that you do them; this provides you with the opportunity to share your unique perspective with your readers.

Also, write something of a useful nature. Once your readers find information on your blog that they consider useful, you can bet your last dollar that they are going to be back for more.

The next tip is the simplest of all: make friends; this is possible on WordPress, because you can associate yourself with like-minded individuals.

Blogging doesn’t have to be rocket science. You could be a successful blogger by following your intuition and by making writing fun for you; now, if it isn’t fun for you, your readers could pick up on your boredom.

I strongly advise that you get yourself into a good mood before writing.

A common mistake that most bloggers make is: they do not make the time to proofread; they are so anxious to press “Publish,” that they send out their articles with misspelt words and grammatical errors. Be patient and read over your article more than once or you could use the proofread feature that is available to you if you are not that proficient at proofreading.

Now, go out there and blog your hearts out!

A WordPress Mystery

I was going through posts on WordPress from other people when I encountered some comments that said that they were not getting the e-mail updates from the people that they were following.

In my case, I do get e-mail notifications every time the people that I follow update their blogs.

What about you? Have you been receiving e-mail notifications whenever those you are following update their blogs? Or, are you left in the dark not knowing about the new articles that were posted?

Was it due to some temporary glitch in the system that caused these people not to receive e-mail updates when their followers posted something new?

So far, I am baffled about the whole technical affair.

If you have answers that could solve this mystery, I wouldn’t mind hearing them.

Intriguing Leaves

Am I the only one who takes the time to notice the beauty of Nature?

I am attracted to the colour, shapes and scents of various flowers, trees and leaves.

In my humble opinion, beauty surrounds us all, but few of us really take the time to notice it.

Today, I took a random snapshot of these leaves; they have an intriguing shape and they are lovely to look at.

Just Pondering Part 136

I have seen drivers use their cell phones without the aid of their hands-free device; this is not only wrong, it is illegal!

Some have even taken it a step further by texting while driving (A very dangerous practice that is still being perpetrated by many drivers).

Why the blatant disregard for the their life and the lives of others?

Many of them who engage themselves in this sort of practice believe that they can do it without creating any catastrophe on their behalf; although their intention is not a sinister one, they risk perilous outcomes.

Drivers need to be fully focused on their driving.

I would like all drivers to follow the law and utilize their God-given commonsense whenever they are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Some Nice Tips For Old And New Bloggers Part 3

How many times have you asked yourself the question, what am I going to write today? Being human, you probably did so many times when you turned on your computer.

The best method that works for me is engaging myself in a topic that I am most passionate about.

What about you? Is there a topic that you are most passionate about? Oh, I am sure there is!

Also, writing about a topic that you have a passion for makes it easier on you — the writer.

If you wish, you can make a short list of things that you are passionate about by writing them down in a journal, so the next time that your mind goes blank, you would have a reminder.

One of the reasons that people get writer’s block is because of an increased level of anxiety.

When we are not sure about what topic we would like to discus with our readers, anxiety kicks in; this can be solved by writing about our passions.

And if you are writing about what you truly hold a passion for, it is less likely for you to abandon your blog.

Always write about the things that you are passionate about; it will always work out in your best interest as a writer.