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I Am Puzzled



 Earlier today, while I was on work, my BlackBerry smartphone acted strangely; for some strange reason when I replaced the battery with a fully charged one, certain records were erased; my photos, ringtones and videoes that I downloaded disappeared (Now, this is a strange one. While I am writing this post, I have my BlackBerry connected via the USB cord; I am attempting to restore everything with the aid of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager; the process is taking rather long).

Could this be a rare case of some electromagnetic phenomenon? After all, I was rather close to an electrical panel.

Hmmm, this would make a great “X Files” case!

I am also brainstorming for a reason as to why this happened. Maybe, it could be one of those software malfunctions that happened with a few BlackBerry users.

Wish me luck. I truly hope that the system restoration works.

I Am Loving It Here At WordPress

Although I transferred my blog over from Blogger, I didn’t categorize them; so I did that while I had the chance with the majority of them; which was some time-consuming work; I still have some more categorizing to do.

The WordPress experts recommended that I do some tagging, so readers could find my posts easily (At least, I tried).

At Blogger, it was not necessary to attach a tag to each post to acquire readership; readers simply found me, because blogs that are visible to the public are automatically found by Google’s search engine (Well, it’s a whole different process here at WordPress. And who am I to argue with the experts?).

Anyway, one LOVE to all of my fellow writers here at WordPress. Happy blogging people!

Your World Is Your Creation

It is a known fact that what we constantly visualize, feel and believe something to be true, it materializes in our lives.

We have seen the despondent ones who are forever experiencing the dark side of things, because they have the inner belief that they must suffer and slave for the things that they want in life.

Then there are those scintillating personalities who see the best in everything and everyone and always seem to have the King Midas touch; they achieve success easily and live in a carefree manner.

The difference is what they have chosen to believe; by focusing their attention strongly on the things they wish for, they begin to resonate with their desires.

Dear ones, the Universe will give you what you want; however, when you ask for something, you must maintain that unwavering belief that it will be received by you despite the outer circumstances.

My WordPress Experiment Part 4

It’s my third day on WordPress. I seem to be getting a better hang of things.

Honestly speaking, I am not over Blogger; I think that I would hang on to it for awhile.

To provide some insight as to why I chose WordPress as my new blog home, is because Blogger said that they were going to rid themselves of their old interface soon; Blogger’s new interface doesn’t work with my BlackBerry smartphone; I have tried it and it doesn’t work.

Besides, I wasn’t going to stand for an enterprise that tells me that I could only blog by utilizing a certain medium.

Although I have a PC at home, I prefer to use my BlackBerry smartphone. I could blog on the go and I don’t have to stay put at home to enjoy the privileges of writing posts.

If the creators of Blogger were really innovative thinkers, they would have gotten together with RIM to have an application created for BlackBerry smartphones (WordPress is ahead of the game, because they have applications for different brands of smartphones that people can use).

My friends could tell you that I write more than one post per day.

Being someone who posts regularly, I didn’t want to limit myself to one medium, like only using a PC to post. So, I spent the day pondering solutions to this dilemma.

Finally, I made the decision to migrate to WordPress.

I was thinking about deleting my blog at Blogger when it dawned on me that even though I deleted my blog on Blogger, there would be many spiders on Google that would still pinpoint my blog at Blogger (I wouldn’t mind getting some professional advice on this matter).

Earlier, I did a survey in regards to which of my blog-sites that people prefer. So far, WordPress is leading vote-wise.

One of my friends said that my blog on WordPress has a professional, well-organized clean and crisp look.

One thing I can gladly mention to everyone is that I have no regrets joining the WordPress family.

I am also waiting to see if Blogger can catch up to WordPress where technological advancements are concerned.

For the record, I am open to advice and I would enjoy hearing your perspective concerning my situation.

I also have a strong feeling that it all gets better from here.

Eat your heart out Blogger. WordPress is a force to reckon with.

The Internet Traffic

I have made the observation that my Blogger account gets more traffic than the one I recently set up at WordPress.

As of now, it is somewhat difficult to find my WordPress blog when using Google’s search engine.

After all, most people are familiar with my blog on Blogger and they could always check Google to find out if they missed anything on my blog at Blogger; Google will let them know.

In the meantime, I am being patient with the snail-paced traffic that I have been experiencing at WordPress.

I was also thinking: if I deleted my account on Blogger, people would have no choice but to visit WordPress; which obviously would increase the traffic to my WordPress blog.

Here is a question to my readers: do you prefer to view my blog on Blogger? Or, do prefer to view what I have to say on WordPress?

As a matter of fact, you are entitled to visit anyone.

The only difference is: both blog-pages are designed differently. However, almost the same information is on both of them since I transferred all the posts from my Blogger account to my WordPress account.

I must say that it is nice to experiment; despite the fact that some experiments are filled with negative consequences.

In regards to WordPress, I checked my settings to see if I was visible to the public; yes, I am visible to the public.

I also recommend using Yahoo’s search engine if you would like to find my blog-page at WordPress.

The irony is: both my blogs are entitled, “Renard Moreau Presents.”

Hmmm Facebook Part 17

Apparently, people enjoy adding me to their Facebook groups (I believe that I have lost track of the exact number).

Oh well, I will have to get accustomed to the million and one notifications (Just imagine hearing countless alerts from my BlackBerry smartphone).

Another thing I have noticed with Facebook is: there are still a lot of people’s pages that didn’t rollover to Facebook’s Timeline; wow! That’s interesting! Now, what is Facebook up to? Did they halt their plans to roll everyone over when countless people openly said that they hated the new Timeline?

All Facebook account holders would tell you that Facebook is filled with surprises (and for most people, it is not the pleasant kind).

I have to admit that the subscription feature is rather cool. People could subscribe to your Facebook updates and you are free to subscribe to other people’s updates.

In my opinion, Facebook appears to be the number one social network; someone is always online posting or viewing something.

The PC Is Still The Boss

It’s a sad thing when one accidentally deletes a post. The nice thing is: it’s there in your virtual trash just waiting to be restored; in my case it can only be restored by using a PC.

Earlier on, I was experimenting with the WordPress application for BlackBerry and I pressed, “Delete.” I thought that I was applying the action to a post that I was unable to send via the application.

Oh well, this just proves that having a PC around is a good thing, because I was able to rectify the situation.

Apparently smartphones are unable to take the place of the PC; I tried like hell to put things back the way they were by using the mobile platform; things just didn’t workout.

Now, isn’t it amazing when I am having these types of issues I go running back to the PC?

So, dear readers, please take good care of your PC and always remember that the smartphone is not smart enough to do everything.

My WordPress Experiment Part 3

Okay, it’s only my second day as an official WordPress blog-writer.

I have been blogging for years on Blogger and I was never once this excited.

In my opinion, Blogger is easier to navigate.

WordPress on the other hand, is okay once you learn how to navigate through the different features.

I have noticed that my blog is not easily accessible when I look for it via Google’s search engine. Instead, I would find my blog which relates to Blogger.

As I am new, I am wondering: what methods did WordPress put into place for their bloggers to attract readership?

Apparently, Google is a little biased (I mentioned in a previous post that Blogger is powered by Google; meaning they are part of the Google family).

The nice thing is: Yahoo is not biased. I was able to locate a reference to my WordPress blog via their search engine.

I was also successful in finding references to my WordPress blog when I used Bing’s search engine. Bing even provided me with references to my topics which I posted on Blogger.

I am also thinking: when people wish to search for something on the net, they would quicker utilize Google’s search engine (This is just my opinion).

I sure would LOVE to get the opinions of my fellow WordPress blog-writers on this matter.

I am still curious as to why some people decided to export their blogs back to Blogger (Don’t get me wrong here. I am not at all insinuating that it’s a bad thing. I am merely curious).

Honestly speaking, I am enjoying the blogging experience on WordPress.

My WordPress Experiment Part 2

My second day on WordPress is proving itself to be a fruitful one.

Moments ago, I made a mock post with the intentions of seeing whether or not if it would post via the WordPress application for BlackBerry; it did.

I have to admit, this is one moody application. Why did it choose to work on my second day after installing it on my smartphone? I guess that I will never know.

I am most grateful that it works now!

I am also keeping my fingers crossed hoping that it would continue to work from now on.

WordPress May Become The New Standard For Blogging

It’s my second day on WordPress; I seem to be getting the hang of things.

I must admit, when I am using the mobile platform, there are times when I may have to repeat the whole process, because something didn’t work the way it was supposed to (Whenever I am in that predicament, the laptop comes to the rescue).

At first, I thought that WordPress would have been a headache; it’s really not that all difficult.

I am sure that you are familiar with the saying, “Practice makes perfect.”
I will keep at it until the process becomes an easy automatic one (Soon, I may not have to think too hard about doing any blogging on WordPress).

Could you remember the first time when you created your WordPress account? I did. The process was not that difficult; the easiest part was importing my blog from Blogger.

Honestly speaking, I still have a whole lot more to learn about this WordPress affair.