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Another Month Flew By

It’s the last day in the month of March; it’s as though I blinked and was accelerated ahead of time.

Blog-wise things were interesting — I dealt with various topics (I don’t think that I could ever get bored writing).

I also plan on making some major changes in my life — changes for the better of course. For example: I may go into another job; this time one that pays more money and that grants me more free time for myself.

I also have some personal projects that I need to get off of the ground.

Thinking back, March wasn’t a bad month at all. I was granted with the opportunity to rediscover certain aspects of my being; which is good.

I also payed attention to world events; some very interesting things happened such as the resignations of certain bankers and businessmen.

For the latter part of March, Facebook was in quite a mess; it had problems updating quickly. Many people were unable to view comments and posts (Let us hope that the problem with Timeline doesn’t rollover into April).

Many of the American people were claiming that their President is lacking integrity (I think I will leave this in the hands of the Americans).

Oh, yes. It was certainly hot in the Caribbean for the month of March (I wouldn’t mind the temperature cooling down a bit for the month of April; now, what are the chances of that happening?).

March proved to be a lovely month with some interesting surprises; thank you Universe for the opportunity to be part of it.

Just Pondering Part 57

Our body is quite capable of healing itself (Some of us have forgotten this fact).

A lot of people have been brainwashed by the media; with the conventional media’s help, they have been advertising pills for every ailment under the Sun. So, when someone has a sore throat or some allergy symptom, they go straight for the pharmacy with the same speed as a bullet fired from a pistol.

Many of us have thrown holistic medicine by the wayside, ignoring the body, mind and spirit connection. For example: a negative emotional state can get us quite sick and our psychological state once improved, can allow the body to start healing itself.

Unfortunately most people don’t know the power of herbs either. In my opinion, herbs are way safer than pharmaceutical drugs.

Another thing too is: ascension symptoms cannot be treated with pharmaceutical drugs; these symptoms begin to disappear as the body recalibrates itself.

It is never to late to learn about ourselves and we can do it without the aid of the conventional media.

Hmmm Facebook Part 14

I have been a Facebook account holder for quite sometime. I have seen the evolution of Facebook within my period; they changed their interface many times and each time, I had to learn from scratch where certain features were located.

This Timeline is in a class by itself; so many technical complications.

Although they said that they were going to roll everyone over to the new Timeline, I saw that there are many people with the old Facebook format (Lucky them!).

I have noticed that Facebook is keeping rather quiet about the problems that are being experienced by their numerous account holders. They haven’t apologized for any inconvenience caused.

Like many people, I would like to see the problem rectified.

I have no intentions of abandoning Facebook; I will tolerate the annoying issues for awhile, because there are many people who enjoy my posts.

We have to remember that it is a free service (If I had to pay, I would have been suing Facebook for a hefty sum of money for the horrible service).

Twisted Business

There are certain business establishments that like to under-pay people and yet these same business establishments enjoy working their employees down to the bone like slaves of the old era.

Too many people are struggling to live on minimum wage (Hmmm. Is this a well-created plot to keep people within a certain class bracket from progressing financially?).

I thought that slavery was abolished, but it is disguised as jobs that pay minimum wages; unfortunately those employees could barely survive on those figurative crumbs that those exploiters like to give.

The irony is: there are multi-million dollar businesses that commit these atrocities; they make huge profits from your hard labour and pay you next to nothing in return; how could this be right?

Those who like to steal from others eventually lose more in the long run! As they say, “God never sleeps!”

Hmmm Facebook Part 13

Earlier on today, Facebook gave me figurative hell; I repeatedly got problems with its server and there was a serious problem staying logged in on my BlackBerry smartphone; I regularly got: “Session Expired.”

Why is Facebook trying my patience?

I have heard from a valuable source that they intend to roll everyone over into its problematic Timeline at the end of the month.

One of my friends told me when that happens, he is going to abandon his account and return to his My Space account (Shame on you Facebook you’ve been stressing people out!).

Are these problems that people have been experiencing so hard to rectify?

Honestly speaking, I am quite fed up with all the time-lagged posts. One day, I may simple refuse to log in. Why should I have to go through all of this? Facebook used to be so much fun. Now, comments about posts go missing. What a drag!

Facebook should be trying their best to attract new customers and not run the old ones away — this is madness.

I hope that they can get their act together by April and if they can do it sooner, I would be most pleased!

Just Pondering Part 56

I believe in giving people their respect. With me, there is nothing like I am higher than you where status is concerned; I respect everyone equally.

I am amazed at the way some affluent members of society look down on the poorer class of people; this sort of behaviour is so uncalled for.

We are all human and we have red blood in our veins (I could even go a step further by saying that we are: “Spirit.”

This old energy needs to die completely. It would be nice to see the class structure dissipated once and for all; everyone should be on an equal playing field (I think that there is sufficient wealth on the planet to make this possible).

A system that is based on the foundation of true equality will see to it that there are no underprivileged members of society. In my opinion, it is unfair when people hoard their wealth while others can barely meet their basic needs, like food, clothing and a home to live in.

Hopefully, things will change for the better in the near future.

Don’t Believe Everything You See

In these modern times, we can’t believe everything we see; especially where photos are concerned.

For many years, photographers have been using various picture editing programs to enhance the look of models; these programs are known to remove flaws such as acne, pock marks and to even out a person’s skin-tone.

In a world where everyone is trying so hard to be perfect, reaching that so-called perfection level takes extra work. For example: superstars go the extra mile using the combination of diet and exercise. Obviously, the healthier you are is the better you are going to look and feel.

Unfortunately, some of these superstars like shortcuts. Their diet and health is not so great, so they alter the appearance of their skin-tone digitally. Where their energy levels are concerned they consume all sorts of sports drinks and designer drugs in order to feel well; I call this a false sense of living.

The manner in which these celebrities look are true on a small scale; not everyone needs digital alteration.

However, it is still a rare occurrence to see someone without any sign of physical flaws; and that goes for superstars also.

Concerns About 2012

One this planet, we have countless people with various belief systems who are all part of diverse cultures; this makes life fun; sometimes they get along well with others and other times, they do not.

I can safely say that the majority of them believe in a higher power; some refer to this power as God, Goddess, Infinite Spirit, and Divine Intelligence, to name a few.

Almost everyone senses that great things are happening on the planet. Many have stated that it is time to graduate to a higher dimension; it is also stated that we have the free will to ascend along with Gaia to the 5th dimension and that all of this is scheduled for sometime in 2012.

Then there are others who fear the worst for humanity; they think that it is all going to end this year. They believe that our lives will be thrown into chaos by the declining economy or some form of natural disaster.

The thing about free will is: we are free to believe anything that we want.

In my case, I prefer to believe in all that is good and I wouldn’t mind at all ascending to a higher dimension.

I am not in support of this doom and gloom theory. After all, I have the choice like anyone on the planet to believe anything that I choose.

There are people who refer to themselves as: “Doomsday Preppers.” They are people who plan methods of surviving the so-called worst to come; they too are also entitled to their beliefs.

People could debate with each other about what they believe the outcome might be until their voices become hoarse and tired.

Those who have strong faith in the Divine will obviously have a strong expectancy of great things.

One thing that most people can agree on is: life is going to change as we know it!

Just Pondering Part 55

Sunday turned out to be a great day. I had the opportunity to be well-rested.

The day was mostly cloudy and I enjoyed it of course.

I spent a brief moment wondering: what in God’s name is wrong with Facebook? Comments and posts disappeared and reappeared (So much for the unwanted game of hide and seek).

My friend, Brionne told me that Facebook was experiencing technical difficulties and that everyone would be rolled over to Timeline at the end of the month (I know that this is a frightening thought for some of you).

I also have an account on Twitter and I am happy to say that it never gave me any kind of trouble (Those technicians at Twitter are probably well-trained).

I also sipped on a cup of my favourite tea while I updated my posts on Facebook (They were probably invisible to most of my friends).

I also decided to read a few blogs and ezines; which I found to be satisfying.

Later on, I picked up my BlackBerry smartphone and called my friend, Bradley and wished him, “Happy Birthday!”

I was planning on going to see my friend, Indra; I scrapped the idea, because she is rarely at home; most of the time, she is over at her neighbour, Monica socializing.

One thing I will say is: a nice evening walk is always refreshing. Once the sky clears up, I will be enjoying the beautiful view of stars along with the Moon.

We Put Ourselves At Potential Risk Every Time We Use The Internet

The internet makes it possible to acquire the information that you want; you can find almost anything there.

Unfortunately, some cookies and spyware can give out information about sites that we have visited. Even though we deleted the cookies and rid ourselves of the unwanted spyware, some skilled people can still know our browsing activity.

I have heard the rumours that we are being studied by a highly trained team of psychologists whose job is to collect data in order to predict future outcomes; the places that we visit on the web is of most interest to companies who wish to sell loads of products to potential customers.

I have said on numerous occasions: “There is no such thing as privacy on the internet.” Yes, Big Brother is watching us closely!

The governmental agencies around the world are collecting data from everyone; the data collected is analysed to see if particular people are a threat or not; they claim that it is their method of pinpointing and preventing terrorism.

I was even thinking: if some high ranking official in the government is out for you, the information obtained by their analysts could be used against you (This is one of the reasons why I don’t stick my nose into government business).

Then there are the self taught rouges who make tons of mischief on the internet. They lurk quietly on the net waiting to steal people’s credit-card information and even people’s identities.

Updating our anti-virus and anti-spyware can protect us to a point. However, in some cases, sophisticated computer programs invade our privacy without us even knowing.

The smart thing to do is: learn everything that you can to protect yourself on the internet, because those thugs are well-educated on matters concerning the worldwide web.