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Just Pondering Part 11

Like many people, I have positive expectations regarding the year, 2012.

We are all filled with so much potential where personal and spiritual advancement is concerned.

One of the things I would like to see is: respect for our mother, Earth. We can show her this respect by keeping her in clean and pristine condition. I would like to see an end to the senseless littering; extra work may have to be done in this regard. An extra effort is needed to educate people about the importance of having a clean environment. It would be rather embarrassing if future generations had the cause to look at a picture in one of their electronic-books to see what a tree, river or bird looked like, because these were destroyed in the past due to man’s ignorance.

I would also like to see the marketing sectors taking an interest in the utilization of clean energy.

In the past, fuels such as gasoline and oil were proved as major threats to our environment. Developed countries around the world were seeing increased levels of carbon monoxide emissions.

There were also catastrophic events where oil-tankers lost possession of their oil cargo due to accidents on the sea.

Many people have stated that the technology that can provide us with clean energy is around; unfortunately, this type of information is suppressed and kept from the masses.

The time for change is: “Now!” Positive changes will have to be done on our behalf. We can even do something as simple as boycotting all petroleum products (This, my friends, is just a drop in the figurative bucket).

We may even have to go as far as to letting our government leaders know that we need to take great care of this planet; and part of that means the implementation of clean alternative energy.

I would also like to see the discontinued usage of chlorine and fluoride in water supplies around the world.

Some of you may even laugh when I say to you that the planet we reside on is alive.

Ancient cultures understood the connection to planet Earth and themselves.

Now, it is time for humanity to awaken from their deep sleep. We are not at all separate from our mother, Earth; what affects one, affects the other!

Embracing The “LOVE” Frequency

2011 is a great year; a few more days and it’s all over.

In my humble opinion, there are too many people living their lives in fear (For the record, where there is fear, there is an absence of LOVE).

So many of us were psychologically conditioned to accept the “Doom and Gloom” ideology; religious doctrination and some scientific theories have its part to play in all of this.

Most Christian denominations will tell you that we are living in the end times. I on the other hand, believe that we are on the verge of something new; the expansion of human consciousness along with increased vibrations regarding ourselves, Gaia and the Universe.

I will say that not every scientist that looked at the Mayan calender obtained its true meaning; one of them came to the conclusion that since it ended around late December 2012, we should expect the worst (For the record, not every scientist believes that theory. However, the negative theories always seem to get the most attention).

Could you remember years ago when people were deeply afraid of the Y2K issue? The world didn’t end; things actually made a quantum leap in a positive direction!

Like many positive-minded people on the planet, I am expecting the best for all of humanity in 2012 and beyond! Hip hip hooray!

It’s Christmas Again

I really can’t complain about not getting any Christmas cleaning done (Every year approximately around this time, it’s general house cleaning).

The easiest part is always the laundry. Everything else was mildly challenging; especially when it’s done in the sweltering Caribbean heat. High temperatures seem to have me a little dehydrated.

Although my schedule was of a hectic nature, I still had time to visit the pages of some of my Facebook friends (I was even surprised that two of the people whose pages I visited were no longer on my friends list; I guess that I was no longer of interest and they decided to move on; which is fine by me. No LOVE lost).

Although it’s the Christmas season. Some of my neighbours were playing music that is usually associated with the Carnival season.

I have made the observation that today, there were very little people walking on my street; they were probably at home doing some cleaning just like me or the they were shopping for gifts on the thirteenth hour.

I also made the time to call a few of my relatives via the phone and wished them: “Season’s Greetings!”

I was also thinking: how in God’s name a fat man goes up and down a chimney without getting stuck? Maybe Santa is a skilled magician like Criss Angel.

I am also happy about the fact that I don’t have to go back out to work until the 27th of December.

As they say: “Christmas comes once a year.” I might as well enjoy it to the fullest!

Just Pondering Part 10

I have noticed that things have a way of getting hectic for the holiday season (It makes me wonder: why I didn’t find my way on a quiet and lonely island somewhere far away from all the madness?) .

At work, the manager is coming up with new ideas such as more work for the same pay (I think that something is terribly wrong with this picture).

I can only do so much. As a matter of fact, we can only do our best.

My dog, Princess likes to show me indirectly about having fun. She brings her ball and demands rather nicely that we play. She would gently nudge the ball to my feet and I would kick it and she will run in its direction and bring it back to me (This reminds me about the all work and no play saying. We all need to find positive ways to unwind from our jobs, whether it be jogging around the neighbourhood or playing some form of musical instrument; this is just an example of course and you can engage in those activities that you are fond of).

Unfortunately, with all the chaos, I haven’t had those many healing and refreshing walks in Nature (Hmmm. I need to do something about that quickly).

A balanced life is a healthy one, which means: we need to spend quality time with ourselves and loved ones.

I will admit that there are times when I get all caught up with work. However, I do remember that it’s just work and it would be in my best interest to loosen up.

There is really no need to allow our occupation to stress us out. Come to think of it, no one really wants to send their own blood pressure high and acquire premature grey hairs.

In this case, relaxation comes in handy; you can find innovative ways to do it.

Just Pondering Part 9

One of the strangest concepts around is the idea that you must get drunk in order to have a great time; this idea is perpetuated in movies, art and music.

In my opinion, alcohol is the most easily accessed drug; mainly because it is well advertised in the media and the fact that it is legal.

Now, there is nothing wrong with moderate alcohol consumption. For example, a glass of red wine daily has positive health benefits. The damage is done when alcohol is excessively consumed.

I really don’t think that highly spiritual people have an avid interest in alcohol consumption either.

Alcohol is one of the drugs that some people use to alleviate their stress; which is a negative practice, because one is really masking their problems and not dealing with it in a direct manner.

I am also saddened when I hear about people who have lost their jobs or have jeopardized their marriages due to alcohol abuse.

Unfortunately, many people have underestimated the dangers of alcohol — these dangers are way too numerous to mention.

Here is a gentle reminder: You are supposed to be in control of your life and not alcohol in control of you!

Just Pondering Part 8

Although I might be talented at writing blogs, I still have my flaws. For example: when my blog was shaping up nicely, I accidentally deleted it (I didn’t get angry. I simply wrote another one — this time: one pertaining to a whole different topic).

I will admit that I am a little exhausted; both mentally and physically (Errors do have a way of popping up themselves whenever we are in this state).

Besides, I am also curious to know what I am capable of doing in a lethargic state.

I will also admit, that I am capable of writing a blog of higher quality in a rested state.

In my case, experimenting is good; it lets me know what I am capable of. I have noticed that even when my mind is somewhat tired, I can write way better than most people who have slept well — strange, but true. Now, just imagine what I could write when I am well-rested? The evidence is in my blog archive.

I was also thinking: if a person really LOVE something, they can do it with ease whether they are tired or not!

The Facebook Revolution

There are countless people on the planet today who have Facebook accounts; among these, are people who are in full support of Facebook and then you have those who are against it.

Some have argued that we place too much information about ourselves via our posts — information that could be used against us.

Others would agree that it is a wonderful format to communicate freely with friends, family, relatives and associates around the world.

I have read many conspiracy theories about the true purpose of Facebook — one of them being: Facebook was a project masterminded by someone high up in the echelons of the intelligence community.

Personally speaking, I have nothing against this creation known as Facebook. I believe it can be utilized in a wise manner.

In reality, there is no such thing as privacy on the internet. Information can be gathered about us and intelligence agencies can do this effectively without the aid of Facebook.

The way I see it is: if you want your stuff to remain private, don’t post it on the internet; it’s that simple.

In the meantime, I would like Facebook’s technical staff to continue to protect account users from a host of spam, viruses and also protection from mischievous hackers.

Too Many Drivers Take Safety For Granted

In our modern society, we see many divers who take safety for granted.

Today, I entered a taxi. Halfway through my destination, the driver took out his BlackBerry smartphone and decided to utilize his BlackBerry Messenger Service (I looked in his direction; I was rather shocked. I was wondering: was he aware that there was a potential for a mishap? Maybe he had one of his eyes focused on his smartphone and the other on the road. Anyway, what he did was rather unacceptable. A responsible driver would never do what he did).

The irony is: there is a law that prohibits drivers from using cellular phones while they are driving; unless they are using one of those hands-free technologies.

There are many people who do not use seatbelts while driving; this too is against the law.

Then you have drivers who are quite fond of breaking the speed-limit.

In the figurative sense, drivers need to keep their heads on. They need to be fully aware that the lives of their passengers are in their hands.

In my opinion, there are many road fatalities that could have been avoided by following a few safety guidelines.

Unfortunately, there are numerous drivers who LOVE to drink and drive; this is a dangerous practice that should be discontinued.

Always place safety first. Respect your life and the lives of others.

Just Pondering Part 7

There are some spoilt brats out there who enjoy giving people trouble; especially those whose parents are wealthy. They have the misconception that they can buy their way through any given situation. Here is an example: a rich man’s son is breaking the speed limit, he is pulled over by police officers and the young man replies, “Do you know who my father is?” He shows them his drivers licence and threaten them by telling them that they can lose their jobs. Or, he decides to pay them a large sum of money to turn a blind eye.

I will admit that not all rich people behave atrociously. There are many affluent people who are well-behaved law abiding citizens.

There is a dark side to almost anything. Some have chosen to participate in corruption (Now, this is quite sad).

For the record, I do admire the rich people who utilize their wealth in philanthropic endeavours. For example, a multi-billionaire decides to donate cash so a clinic can be built where people could acquire free medical care.

A person with little or no moral values will quicker use their finances in a debased selfish manner.

Whereas, a person of high morals and high spiritual value will use their wealth for the betterment of society.

Money by no means is evil; it is its misuse that makes it so!

The Alien Issue

I have heard many stories about alien abduction from The United States of America. However, I have never heard about the same thing happening in The Republic of Trinidad And Tobago (Hmmm. Maybe they don’t abduct their kind).

On a more serious note, NASA has discovered lots of planets lately; some are believed to be great candidates for life as we know it.

Think of this: space is so vast; it is filled with countless suns, moons and planets. So, there is potential for life to flourish.

If you were to conduct a survey among citizens regarding alien lifeforms, many of them will tell you that we are not alone in the universe.

Some people are hoping that their governments come clean about the alien issue and are eagerly awaiting disclosure.

Some scientists and psychologists believe that it will have a serious impact on our psyches.

The church leaders will have to come up with a plausible explanation, because people were taught from a rather young age that we are the centre of the universe and that we were created in God’s image and likeness.

Even our educational institutions have taught us to believe that we are the only inhabited planet in the universe.

What would you do if you found out that everything we were taught was a lie?

Believe it or not, there are scientists who are placing their reputations at stake by claiming that we have been visited by alien beings in the past.

Then you have those scientists who would tell you that the visitation never stopped and it still happens today!

Are you prepared and willing to meet your galactic neighbours with open arms?

Hollywood has instilled some fear into the masses with a very popular movie that came out many years ago — “Independence Day.”

Anyway, I am not worried at all. If it is our destiny to openly interact with other alien species, it cannot be stopped; it must come to fruition (You never know. It may be way better than what we had expected).