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Manic Mondays

There are numerous reasons why people hate to get out of their beds and get themselves ready for work.

The weekend always pasts with supersonic speed and before one can blink, it’s Monday.

Obviously, if you’re burning your candle at both ends figuratively, you’re going to be tired and somewhat edgy.

I always make it my priority to get adequate rest so I could face the so-called hustle and bustle that some call, “Daily living.”

A positive attitude combined with prayer and meditation is a lovely way to start your day.

Besides, why should I let the small things get to me? I am stronger than that!

Also, having a good sense of humour helps you to cope.

Once you can find a method that gets you in a wonderful mood, you’re going to be in a better position to start off your work-week quite well.

There Is No Business Like Great Business

I was thinking: if people gave 100% where doing their jobs were concerned, things should work in their favour.

We all have noticed how impressed people become when you go all the way out for them; this is part of great customer service — an asset in the hospitality business.

We all have noticed the opposite too; individuals who just don’t give a damn. They are just doing whatever it is that they are engaged in simply for the money (People pick up on this and are turned off).

If you truly LOVE what you do, you are going to give it your best effort every time (As you can see, it isn’t Rocket Science).

I don’t think that you would purchase a smartphone from a customer service representative who was rude to you.

Have you ever noticed that these customer service representatives who sell those smartphones for the major phone companies are eager to see you? They approach you with a warm smile and then they start doing what they have been trained to do. You can feel their genuine enthusiasm about the product when they begin to speak about it and they are most willing to answer your questions that you may have regarding the product.

In today’s world, if your company’s customer service is poor, that company’s business is going to suffer one way or the other.

Enjoying My Day Off

Most people usually relax on their day off — I did just that.

As it rained, I was in bed listening to the sound of raindrops on the roof.

I also browsed the internet right from the comfort from my bed; the laptop was utilized to make updates on the social networks.

I made it my priority to get out of bed eventually to acquire sustenance.

Just for the fun of it, I played with two cellular phones; one from each of the country’s service providers.

For the first time, TSTT surpassed Digicel (I found this rather interesting as well as humorous. Oh well, I guess that companies do have their bad days).

I also listened to some of my favourite music (The categories are way too numerous to mention). I also hoped that I didn’t scare the neighbours by playing a Rob Zombie tune that was remixed in a Dubstep style (I believe that my discretion was used where the volume level was concerned).

I also watched a few of the Abraham-Hicks and Bashar videos on Youtube (Very enlightening and fun to watch at the same time).

No day of mine would be complete without tea; I had that too!

The main thing is: I had fun on my day off.

The Information Age

The nice thing about living in the 21st century is the wealth of information that we have available to us via the internet.

In my case, I LOVE going through the numerous vegan websites; recipes and health tips are available there.

There are various websites that allow you to read free ebooks and ezines (These days, almost everything is available on the electronic platform).

In my opinion, the internet can be used in a positive manner. For example, people can exchange information that could be beneficial to each other via social networks (Despite the fact, there are those who abuse this privilege).

Some people even enjoy visiting those alternative news websites on the internet; they rather this instead of the traditional and so-called reputable news sources on radio and television.

Anything that you could think of, is on the worldwide web.

As far as I know, the internet is one of the best things that was ever created and I am sure that it would be around for a long time to come.

A Rainy October

We in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago have been experiencing lots of rain for the month of October (For the record, I am not complaining. I LOVE rainy weather).

There would be times when the Sun would be out in all its glory and then all of a sudden, the rain would start to pour heavily; I have gotten myself soaked a few times in this manner.

To be on the safe side, I always iron my clothing days in advance, because I wouldn’t want to iron and then get wet in the rain afterwards (I may suffer the dire consequences of doing so).

Today, I purchased a new umbrella just for the fun of it (A pleasant symbol that represents rain). Besides, I need to protect my smartphone from excessive moisture.

In the past, I actually updated my Facebook status while I held an umbrella in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other while it rained heavily.

I am amazed when I hear about people who hate rainy weather (Then again, this world of ours is comprised of all kinds of people. So, intellectually speaking, I am not supposed to be all that surprised).

Once people are not affected by floods, I am going to continue to enjoy the rain in a guilt free manner.

Fast-food Should Be Banned

Unfortunately, fast-food restaurants are doing more bad than good; they have a reputation of using ingredients that are not so wholesome for us.

If we took charge of our lives in the dietary sense of things we would be way healthier.

So much for the so-called convenience of purchasing food from outside sources (We could end up putting our health in jeopardy in the long run).

Not everyone loves to cook and then there are those who don’t know how (A strong desire to be healthy can change one’s attitude for the better in regards to food preparation and consumption).

I would advise people to avoid fast-food in general (I really don’t think that fast-food outlets have our best interest at heart. I think that fast-food proprietors’ main concern is about how much money they make).

Luckily, there are numerous people who are waking up to the fact that a home-cooked meal is the best kind of meal that they can encounter (And it cost you a whole lot less too).


Facebook Is Amazing

There are all types of people on Facebook; this makes it interesting. There are the disharmonious ones who for some reason are starting their private wars online; they are always speeching off someone and going the extra mile to damage … Continue reading

No Complaints

These days I am enjoying life, taking it one day at a time. I learned from experience that it is up to me to make myself happy.

Once I can open my eyes in the morning, I am grateful. As a friend once said to me: “There are some who were not as fortunate to see another day.”

Life was meant to be enjoyed; I am doing just that!

People may lose their jobs or other material possessions, but there is always an opportunity to regain whatever was lost.

The Universe is fair and just. All is well. There is no need for me to worry.

I am open-minded and I enjoy the experience of being alive (I even enjoyed writing this blog too).

If we all really knew how blessed we truly are, we would never open our mouths to complain.

Know to yourselves that the God/Goddess Force is with us always; it never abandons us.

Dear friends, do carry on with your lives merrily, because it’s all good!

The Ups And Downs Of The Mobile Internet

The majority of the times when I am writing my blogs, it’s via the mobile internet (We all know how unreliable the mobile internet can be. One moment the signal is great and at other times, it’s horrible).

There are some people who take full advantage of wifi hotspots (Fortunately, I am not one of those people). I have one of those unlimited internet packages that I make the best use of (There is no need for me to steal or borrow internet from a secondary source).

I have noticed that the mobile internet works rather well in large cities and towns. However, if I were to venture in a far forested area, I am going to run the risk of not getting any signal at all.

The mobile issues varies from country to country of course and service providers always claim that they are doing their best.

Now, is there anything such as flawless service where the mobile internet is concerned? I don’t think so!

Although improvements are constantly being made, there are times when it falls short of one’s expectations.

I would advise smartphone, laptop, netbook and tablet pc users to inform their service providers of the areas in which there is poor service.

Hopefully, in time to come, the mobile internet would be way better than it is now!

The Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

Pumpkin is one of the regularly eaten vegetables in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Luckily for us, it is available throughout the year.

The high levels of carotenoids that are within the pumpkin is a contributing factor to its orange colour. The carotenoids plays the important role of preventing premature aging and starving off the free radicals in the human body.

Both pulp and seeds are rich in vitamin A; this helps to boost the immune system and it promotes healthy eyesight.

The vitamin C content in the pumpkin helps us to maintain a healthy immune system. It also promotes the production of collagen. Vitamin C is also known to ward off various forms of cancer.

Magnesium, which is found in pumpkins, does its part to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

The Zinc and Potassium content in pumpkins are known to help in the maintenance of a person’s cardiovascular health; these important minerals, fights off hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

The flesh of the pumpkin contains a compound called: L-tryptophan; this triggers the feeling of well-being and happiness in people (This qualifies it as a good mood food).

Pumpkin is also a great source of fibre. Fibre is known to assist in the lowering of bad cholesterol.

The regular consumption of pumpkin promotes beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Pumpkin in general is great for us; make full use of it!